posted on September 1, 2017 at 10:07 pm

same old same old again

yeah my big fat fucking doco

youve heard me

youve read me

you looked at my paintings

now watch my one n a half hour doco for the complete SK fix you know youre craving

me me me me me me sigh yawn me

me swimming

me playing my bass

me blah blah blahing on and on

boy after three fucking screenings i so sick of you kilbey

its a funny film

ha ha ha

look if you love your olde SK as you do

you probably gonna love it

after everything

now this…

it turns out

im just a regular guy after all who happens to be a bit of a “genius”

(chuggys words not mine)

just a regular guy who plays a mean fender jazz and sings like a broken lark

just another  regular angular looking idiot who wrote yer fave song (or whatever)

age still not wearying me

i hop about like st vitus dance

motor mouthing at a hundred miles an hour

narcissus yet humbly stupid and turning arrogance into your bemusement

the jumped up little sod getting his comeuppance and now the bastards come good

hes a regular old guy who chucked together some words and music and created empires in a few peoples heads

god the ones who love me they dont ‘alf fucking love me

and the ones who hate me do so with their fiercely passion

but most people dont care

and if i was them i probably wouldnt care either

a doco thats a populist thing right?

heres the populist me

look i got an arc

i go from one thing to another

does that really happen?

who am i and who are you anyway?

who are we and why are we watching this doco about this geezer for gawds sake..?

there he is up on stage

oh he hes kinda uh self deprecating in a smarmy way which actually implies self admiration

hes got his head in his hands oh its all too much for the god father of psychedic mark 2

weary jaded tired bored talkative gushing animated blah blah blah

oh i bet you cant wait to see it now

theres some great slowed down live stuff

theres some nice recontextualisations of martin kennedys lovely mountain video

theres both sets of my twins

the first set from a distance

the second set up close n personal but already grown up so much from this 2 year old footage

we visit my olde mum who has never remembered the name of one of my songs ever

let alone the words or anything

she just is immune to my charms she always was

i say to her ¬†‘you like your grand daughters more than me’

she says ‘oh dont be silly son’ and then bursts into laughter because she does

meet Karin the mother of Elektra and Miranda

and co writer of utmw

as usual she has some pithy things to say in her lovely swedish way

haugie shows us some guitar playin’

tim says some cheeky stuff

standing in my old backyard in coogee i opine on myself yet again

i roll joints and i smoke em

i complain and i rave on

im silent and withdrawn having a little bitch about something

heres a real me

the talking song

the throb of my bass between your ribcage and your heart

the incessantly flowing words as i write now talking about

watching myself talking about myself

how i was

how i am now

how i will be

if this sounds appealing then this doco is the one for you my friend

enough SK to have you hit the vomitorium on the way out if youre not careful

ah redemption

fuck i look so fucking tired in this movie

somebody please help

im trapped inside this doco

and i need a fuckin’ holiday





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