posted on February 18, 2008 at 12:32 am

my wardrobe is concealing things from me
my slippers are slipping
my carpets low self opinion
my fridge is cold towards me
my fans just wanna blow
my mirror comes up with nothing original
my windows unopeness
my music all unheard
my paintings lost somewhere
my kids acting like children
my wife behaves unmanly
my mother no fraternal feelings for me
my brothers never in the sisterhood
my father waiting waiting patiently
my work is play
my words are just words
my sing-speak voice no choice eh joyce?
my relatives no relationship
my friends who needs enemies
my enemies cant be bothered
my festival the moons birthday
my sex sometimes it owns just random gender
my goodness ha ha ha
my garden…..tar and cement
my weight worth itself in fools gold
my teeth and it was all yellow
my eyes grey brigade
my nose red and straighter than “straight”
my mouth like a rivers
my beard of neutron stars
my jawline like a clean sweep
my neck swan rake
my hair wispy whispery and soft
my brain insane in the men-brane
my mind unwinding not minding
my money shot
my clock feels temporary
my time is at least 3 quarters gone
my ears hear ringing humming screaming
my legs were made for walking
my soles mates
my feet not centimetres
my calves bulge like guppies eyes
my knees crack and buckle
my thighs ironed out
my groin groin grone
my loins lions loins sir
my belly abdominable snowman
my chest sunken in the sea
my armless harms
my handy hands, duane
my fingers which keep touching things
my nails are nihilistic
my freckles oh how i used to hate em
my wrinkles olde man look at my life
my chances slim, slim
my hopes hopeless
my dreams zzzzzz
my my

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