posted on April 8, 2008 at 8:39 pm

things have changed
things remain the same
my friend in hospital slowly going under
we visit him n cry n cry
i play him some songs on my 12
afterwards an old sick geezer in the next room
sees me standing in the corridor tryin’ to stop my bawling
a real old aussie geezer on deaths doorstep
hey he says
was that you playin’ n singin’…?
yeah i say
there ya go he says to his daughter helping him along
she said it was the radio but i said no no
thats comin’ straight outta here..
he indicates his heart
that music was byootiful he said
and he shuffled off
his praise meant more than a wilderness of rock festivals
then a doctor an old serious doc comes up
hes frowning a little
im half expecting a
“please respect the patients quiet times!”
but no
thanks for the music he says
and a gentle sad smile
god he has seen so much suffering
well if you need to get things in perspective….
and i do
i gotta keep reminding myself we are on a round rock
orbitting a big fire
and no one really knows how or why
here in my spare room
on a rainy morning every thing seems so permanent
aurora gets up
a big sleepy kiss and a grin
my doodles with the delightful habit of kissing their daddy much
oh youre lovely kids i say
i bury my nose in their hair and breathe in their warm young aroma
i hold them in my arms..
goddamm it all seems solid enough….!
ah yesterday was hard going
nelg the camera elf was round to film some more of gets toned and pain(t)
but instead of my usual ebullient motor mouth self
there i sit holding an eraser staring dumbly at a commission portrait
doing n saying nothing
i struggle on for twenny minutes
but finally i tell nelg to wrap it up for the day
hey maybe its good to see me have a bad day i say
yeah…says nelg somewhat doubtfully
im listening to bits of new church album
some sad
some rockin’
some very pretty
some quite oblique
some absolute genius
some mistakes to fix up
“we’ll fix that” says my voice after some blue notes somewhere
it makes me smile to hear it
i say those same words in my mind in synch with recorded voice
always at the same time
in front of you :
1 the wild sweet hit of painkiller
space rock pomp rock psychy-fuckin’-delic rock
they may wanna ban this record in malaysia
such is the contact high oozing out of its grooves
you like wolfe live?
wait till you hear it with drums n orch
you like delicate achey ballads…try crystalline rush
you like e-like feeling… try look homeward angel
you like pounding drums and radiotronics…its all over it
some of you will like painkiller more than anything you ever heard

2kilbey n kennedy presents….something as yet untitled
you know it
this is the beautiful stuff
the simple stuff
the universal stuff
the blips and talking trumpets…
the space around the notes….
the easy on the ears stuff
the melodic stuff
the real real songs stuff
the poignant stuff
the subtle n sexy stuff
the romantic stuff
this one you will play over n over
you’ll never get sick of it

3 shriek soundtrack
ooh strange stuff dark stuff
fevered music
whispery scrawly medieval bluesy
half songs
evil basslines
snakey guitars
tribesmen chanting
opera singers and mellotrons
too much in some places
a total aural trip
dig it or
you suck!
(just jokin’)

4. coffee hounds ep
a cool thing it is
the coffee song submarine n floydy
hounds o love fast n furious
instrumental ….very stoned

5 the church album
marty said its strange in a good way
so i’ll leave it at that

well its a rainy day n a bit cold
i got my synthetic ugg boots on
a nice day to be in the sauna anyway
and swimming in the rain too…

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