posted on July 15, 2011 at 8:24 pm

wandering ponderer

in my new zealand oh the mountainsides so fucking green

we successfully resist the outside idiocy

we dont frankly care what great britain or the united states says or does

we are here in this safe place

we are at peace with the world and ourselves

we are a southern hemisphere skandanavia

this integrity you envy will never be bought

some beautiful volcanic paradise place

i wander to the beach sometimes attended by laughing maori girls

singing some beautiful song i am too old and too new to understand

they dance and move through nature

as i merely walk

women of warriors i must look so strange to you

they laugh

all men are strange to us…

the water is cold and i feel great fish and whales in the green depths

i travel in the footsteps of nature

i meet the locals

the men are fierce and handsome

the women are elusive and smiling

i have these beautiful tattoos i am yet to decipher

the story of a people and the islands they came from

the journeys the battles the betrayals the cruelties the endurance

we remain defiant

truth maybe means a bit more here

yeah we’re old fashioned we still dont mind a bit of truth

yeah in my new zealand where shayne carter is the prime minister

and things are sharp and wryly in focus

the pm said fuck all that bullshit

my new zealand does exactly what it wants to….we earned that right…

the cabinet is the bats and the chills and bailter space and the verlaines

and that amazing guy who was the best david bowie other than the real one

aleister or something or other

and in my new zealand where dragon are all alive again

yeah scented gardens for the blind

take me to the april sun in christchurch

north island south island  i’m everywhere

forests and marshes and valleys and crags

the snow and the sea and the rocks and the sky

walking along singing my song in my new zealand




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