posted on September 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm

maybe me with my sad blue eye


have done some recording with tim

for next church record presumably

is that the next next one or the last next one
or the next last one?
i drove to melbourne with simon starling and talked for thirty minutes
simon starling is a guy with some sad lovely songs
i produced this record for him a couple of years back
heres a link to starlings music
anyway i listened again to this album on the way down
it really is superb
approaching pink floyd before rog became all tyrannical
like on “more” or something
tim p plays drums just like nick mason on here too
a really beautiful soulful and sad record
i heartily thoroughly recommend a listen
could be exactly what youre looking for!
anyway yeah
i take to the stage and i talk
for thirty minutes with nothing prepared…
big deal
i didnt really dig it that much myself…
dont think i’ll do it again
i need a subject like my performance enhancers gig
melby october 13
i’ll be talking about greek hindu norse and christian mythology vis a vis my stuff
(a clue: my stuff is full of it!)
and i’ll be playing some songs and fielding answers
i really am quite the amateur comparative theologian
(as youve already deduced!)
my eldest twins are conkering the whirled
hipper than hip
cooler than cool
playing the game perfectly
avoiding all that slogging it out stuff
they have elegantly and effortlessly become one of the next big things
a complete surprise to me
the girls were always a bit rebellious in that
they didnt want to follow the same career as their parents
you see?
even if you are a singer songwriter your kids wanna be lawyers or something
anyway destiny and inevitable fate finally prevailed
the saint lou lou story is not mine to tell
both parents are sworn to secrecy on pain of death
but let me tell you i have heard some more new lou lou
and verily its hits in spades
2 twin sisters
2 opposites in identical skin
one like the ying one like the yang
identical and yet opposite
from the 2 ends of the earth
i tell you also
the day karin and i met we knew that we were the agents of these 2
and here they are
all five of their uncles and both parents are musicians in varying degrees
ok uncle olle is pretty much an actors actor but he plays a very mean flute
(hear him on some of my bootlegs!)
personally i think they would have been silly not to have followed thru with this
i am happy that this philistine world has immediately caught on to them
i love their first single to bits
and i love the video for it too
it is strange though for this to be happening
people are coming up n asking me about them now
i am so proud that they have created this brilliant music
without any help from anyone in the family
with scandinavian flair and european gravitas
they pulled off this aching loveliness of a song
i also note and salute their producers/co writers addeboy vs cliff
fuck the swedes have a monopoly on this kind of melancholy thing dont they?
and if only auntie lou lou was here to see all this
now my mother joycie bennett didnt mind the saint lou lou vid
but by christ
auntie lou would be having bloody smoke coming outta her ears
esp. considering this rude video is somehow connected to her name!

anyway i love saint lou lou
and i cant wait to hear the results of their london sojourn (maaaan!)
meanwhile have ya checked out summer of love
my collab with alien skin
heres the linky
cmon folks buy this
its only one buck!

well that should give ya enuff to be going on with

thanks to holly j for resurrecting this blog from the dead






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