posted on December 13, 2012 at 9:07 pm

look at this big

accidentally stumble upon motion

in seas august currents collide

light filtering down in shafted filaments

gold swims in my dim tided head muddled

i pluck words from a tree and smoke the resin of its nature

i am in cahoots with weeds i listen to their vegetal words

a flowery world then a wild summer fling

wet chlorine flesh bright blue day in past of pasts

oh we are all young again impossibly young

and we fly in dream fathomed mission over isotopia

the young pilots shot down from their sky

children in school in schools by the beach

the unbeatable hand of sometime ago

the untraceable source of the waves

the fair winds blow from souths

ships sails appear golden out there

in some perpetual turner like mist

my dream is salient my dream is still solvent

the lark of the meadow still sings my dream

i fall headlong into it oh it engulfs me

i am held within its softest strength

the cheetah in the deepest grove chases his dream

this same dream of flight of movement of travel

fly through space on a rainy day

drift thru andromeda by your electric fire

girl arrives dressed in white laughing at your door

a guitar overhead like seagulls in some welsh town

a dream within a dream sequence

a device that explains everything eventually

we are weightless baby you and i

we hover over cold moons but warmth holds us aloft

even so everything must sleep

gratefully the turbines which drive the city groan and wind down

the elephant slaves by rivers of flying fish

night is considerate considering everything i suppose

the breeze moves towards you on your balcony

the breeze  from the sea

the breeze  that blows love adoringly





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