posted on November 2, 2011 at 8:54 pm


in the dappled light of winged genius

at the threshhold of divine tombs

we ask but how can gods themselves die ?

we call into the darkness of humanity

we search each others universe for signs of a faintest life……

come on the time being will lead the way !

we thrash that way and this

djungle of words rapped around my calves

something has lured us into a long entropy

we sail overhead embezzled by the stars themselves

baby we will explode in  one million pieces over peru

i have separated within my own skin in spades

i lay down my suits solemnly i know god watches what i do

my mind my ally my mind my traitor

my mouth is a liar when it smiles like galilee

my angular ocean

scarlet says daddy i want to walk on that water

even in a poem i smile sadly

to see her disappear over the horizon

my spirit fled to some warm extinguishment

my soul roasted clean in some freezing fire

my futures dealt out into the hands of the players

the journey has barely begun and it seems we have arrived

an elaborate interweaving network of impossible coincidenci

an imitation of some great titans intent

my words are either meaningless or hold a huge important truth

only in this world could both conditions be said to be fulfilled

i have pulled an endless array of things from head

can it be a dismal emptiness now envelopes me…?

i have excavated right through to my last life

i thump on the walls of this cell for the past to hear

who am i and who have i been……?

my velvet voice returns a mockery of itself

my magic flares up in my  basalt face

and scorches my alabaster hands

half on half off

half man half beast

half creature half angel

in one hand nothing

in the other everything

in the other everything is exactly nothing

and poetry and mathematics and art and love

are ambiguous plates we juggle till they smash

i wield this tiny painful power

i would rather have a great fortune and be stupid

i would rather drift in my ice blue pool with the iq of a moth

i would rather sleep in my deep bed dumb as any river

i would rather live on my enchanted isle off italys lovely coast

i am content with great riches and the crushed beauties thereabouts

i am ready for castles cognac and the adriatic sun brings morphine morning

inure me to philosophy and the search for meaning in a meaningless world

give me bottomless goblets of the sweetest nepenthe

i am like a beggar about to turn into odysseus himself

i bequeath winter to my friends in absentia delicto

i leave my nebulous gifts to  buffoons  and sad lovers

i direct my affairs from beyond and off sure

life is as i always suspected a lethal necrotic business

dog eat dog eat man eat world eat moon eat stars

why do you care what i say….i’m just a punter like thyself

white hippy moses in the vale of tears in the shadow of death

get across it!






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