posted on June 17, 2008 at 9:12 pm

a ha!
yes its true
steve kilbey musician
of n. bondi , nsw
today became the first man in his house
to write one thousand blogs
hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!
another barrier broken
let assembled multitudes now begin the time being anthym
“oh mighty is the ttb
and wondrous is his blog
we read it every single day
we love to be a cog
we all subscribe subscribe subscribe
else how can our sweet being e’er survibe?
killer killer killer
or is it filler filler filler?
he kicks the blind
dont call the ref
hes nearly deaf
rude to carnivores and ign-rant boors
friend to the freak n fiend
never sure just what he meaned..
hose anna hose anna hose anna down!
halle berri halle lujah halle burton
io io ao io
rama lama buddha shoulda coulda woulda
no spex just the cheapies
no finders just weepies
oh grovel on your bellies
oh peel another grape
see him in his litter
bound up in red tape
hes got many dorters
he hasnt got no suns
hes got lotsa add my ration
but hardly any fun(d)s
(sound of mellotron trumpets)

can you believe it
1000 blogs full of low rent rants
memories in pluperfect supine
i gave ya honesty
i gave ya lies
i gave ya the troof
i gave ya disguise
i gave ya the earth
and the moon in the skies
all i ever gave ya were words
two thirds baloney
one quarter malarkey
a pinch of powdered newt(on)
with my birthday suit(on)
when the spider bit
n corgan played our hit
n the carnivores split
all that boring drug shit
from humble beginnings
getting ‘umbler n ‘umbler
against the “straights” i raised my lance
ooh mr humphries one last dance
i never finish what i started
all half-arsed n half hearted
hang on i did finish hurly burly
brought it in on budget early
lots of others all incomplete
not much about tim marty or pete
not much about heyday …why?
no wonder then no payday nigh
now how hollow this rah rah rah
all for kilbeys blah blah blah
blah blah blah?
yes…blah blah blah
you can read it near or far
naughty stevie with his weed
mixed up in a juvenile deed
a juvenile immature jape
skylarking and horseplaying
and tomfoolery …no escape
the being does not like green ham or eggs
he doesnt like lambies balls or chickens legs
he does not like the bum of cow
or cut up cooked up bits of sow
they say you are whatcha eat
so…no dead meat
not much wine or booze
only serves to confuse
oooh nasty tales of smacky days…yawn!
when he thought he was king of dope…pawn!
how he wrote some low rent song
everybody singalong
mangy panther
peter pan
pot addled idjit
renaissance manne
washed up rocker all unclean
avuncular veteran with soya bean
almost vegan
almost human
almost famous
almost blame us
almost with you
almost but not quite
salute the great time being
crawler in the night
breaststroker in the winter sea
oh sweet being please be free
your white old beard is ho-lee
1000 blogs
1000 days
1000 blessings
1000 haze
1000 eyes has the night
the night was all around
the knight errant
kill bee
kilbo baggings
killaboy slowly
stephen kilby the shy imposter
the saint who is no saint
get your own blog if ya gotta complaint
get down n get with it
get real
get it on
bang a fucking gong
get it on


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