posted on August 6, 2006 at 2:33 pm

this is gonna be short
i gotta leave very soon
ive lost my new glasses so
i can hardly see what im typing
dont blame florida
dont blame all floridians
yes yes
there were good shows st petes n orlando n laudydale
there were good people who listened
this is nt about blaming people

last nite halfway thru 1st song marty
gets a migraine, goes blind
(i kid you not)
and leaves the stage
that leaves me n pete n tim
to do our thing
i wassa real nervous
trying to figure out how we were gonna
roll along on only 3 wheels
sorry no encore
i was kinda flustered
what next?
i know atlantas gonna be kind to us
sweet georgia
keithy f…are you out there?
its ok
i love you all
im gonna try to keep on rolling
americas ok
we love the people here
most people in most places dont talk
the tour has been mostly fine
w/ some turbulence
we love our band
we love our audiences
we love to play
dont blame the us
dont blame florida
im sorry if it seems like i was doing that
the beautiful people make it worthwhile
they always have
we will lick our wounds
we will jump in yonder vans
truck our olde asses up ye olde road
we will prevail
i just spoke w/mwp
i think hes gonna be alright
hey its atlanta tonite
one o our fave cities in the world
im only 51 years young
i wanna rock n roll all nite
and drive every day

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