posted on February 18, 2010 at 2:18 am

back to canberra
back to lyneham
where it all began
tilley devines a great venue
sold out in 2 hours
i arrive a little early
walk round my old schools
primary n high
my friend nelg has filmed me waxing rhapsodic
on the ill kept lawns
cant find any real nostalgia
its all dried up n moved on
we go into venue
a creature with a long blonde wig approaches me
the face of a man
breasts of a lady
voice not too ladylike
steve do you remember me?
uh ,…err no…oh god…no
you knew me before i was a girl says the person
i think: a girl is one thing you are not
the person twirls around in front of me
showing off the new bits
turns out i did know this geezer
oh god i say
the person was a musician who once played with peter k
nice to meet you again man i say
whoops i mean i dont mean man i mean….err… um….
how confusing!
we botch our soundcheck
technical issues etc
they let the crowd in n we slink off
nice tofu dinner on sidewalk cafe
eventually do gig
very small stage
hey we rocked
it was acoustic too
the crowd really erupts during 1st song
and stays a great audience all night long for us
we play well
i get carried away start jumping about
wow it was a good gig
afterwards i meet some old pals of mine
shouldnt have had that coffee for 3 hour drive home
get back home at 3 something n cannot sleep
tired like a donkey but cant sleep
well i got my second wind now
hope i dont sag tonite in sydney
notes in enmore
please come
this is a kinda one off show tonite
or stay home see if i care…
ok gonna try for some rest now
lotsa love etc

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