posted on February 9, 2010 at 5:47 am

things add up n combine in mysterious ways
often stupidly
often like a badly written script
you’d say no too obvious but lo look at your life
coincidence on top of coincidence
synchronicity on top of sting
mumbled threats
fumbled promises
whos writing this stuff
whos making it all up as they go along
when do we get to stand n say
author! author!
i can dig any theory
can put almost none into practice
practice makes perfect sense
we are creatures who have lost their grace
we wallow n waddle and holler n hoot
we rarely glide or swoop or ululate or sing
you can lead your high horse to water
but you cant make it drink eat or be merry
i’m so tired of running from my own heat
i let the sound of my own wheels drive me crazy
i dont know what i want to say
undo i guess
undo this mess
uninvited like the freakin’ clouds
today australia is very warm w/humidity on the side
you gonna sweat you bet
get fucking set
i now have wireless
i have turned my airport on
i have thrown away the cables
full of their mysterious threads
i irradiate my home with a million more tiny daggers
electronic pollution giving us tumours
killing the bloody bees
so we can google bee
dont kill bees
dont kilbey
yeah i gone wireless
i got my tablet
i painty painty real good n finish it all off
always fresh conundrums for any killer
mostly at least me
thats beast not least
life is trickier than i ever imagined
just think what it must be like for bobby dylan
coz my life drives me crazy
and some nights are i cant turn off all those old songs
biting me on the arse from the past
fuck life then but what else have we got?
my battery moves into the red
my account is fuller
but my head is emptier
and my heart is heavy
and its beat goes
boom boom bang boom boom bang
bang shang a lang
my lungs go gaspetty gasp
my teethies crumble
and they were all YELLOW
life and time drag me down
random flux
disturbances in the fabric of reality
bad karma for an old villain
or what?
dont answer that, please…..

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