posted on January 7, 2007 at 8:33 pm

sorry fiendss
i cant bring myself to the seas
i mean, the Cs
i know i ppromised ya
and all
its like real fucking work doing that stuff
like answering questions
like travelling in aeroplanes
like disciplining kids
like having to explain yerself all the time
like rehearsing
like having a drug addiction
like being a tilers labourer on a building site
or pumping gas at the Total servo in wattle street
or mowing the lawn
or wiping up the dishes
or cleaning up my toys
or trying to learn to walk
or being born…….
i know y’all are paying me to write
but as an act of rebellion
i say no Cs today
you see you like me a little bit when im unpredictable
tho you mayent dig it at the time
and well
i just couldnt be BOTHERED doing the Cs
i’d rather just goof off with something like this
or some free form thing..
a poem?

hanky pankow
was a dour lad
he eschewed the good
and embraced the bad

a poem for ya

nk n i watched movie c@#sucker blues
about ye olde rolling stones
shot in 72
its a bootleg
the film never released
such an art movie
the film all grainy
it leaves afterimages of colour in b + w
the white corridors to n fro dressing rooms bleed into white glare
the stones are grainy cartoons
loaded on top shelf drugs
they ponce about
centres of their own universes
jagger gives an interview to 2 fawning journos
hes dressed in a little blouse tied at the waist
n either undies or swimmers
he sits up with his legs tightly crossed
and in a millisecond his face changes from
a young rockstar
a retarded girl
a petulant ape
a handsome rebellious brute
a petty old queen
a stoned moron
a frosty icon
an angry young man
a coked up gossip bag
a latter day percy shelly
back to
mick jagger
i mean
talk about a fucking chameleon…!
keith is mostly sleepy
everyone puffing on a never ending chain of cigarettes
keith chucks a telly out a window
it hits the floor 18 storeys below explosionless
keith giggles
jagger n bianca snort coke n mince abaht
mick taylor walks in on a rather ugly naked groopie
+ some roadies or something
she lies before him opening n reopening her legs
“ive never seen a room graced with such beauty” he snootily declares
as he gazes in disgusted abstraction upon her hirsute agenda
if yer looking for sex drugs n rocknroll
this is the movie for you
we see people cooking up
shooting up
gang bangs on aeroplanes
head jobs a plenty
naked scrubbers play with themselves
while keithy n mick bang tambos
8 miles high
a. groopie nurses a passed out keef
a black waitress at a roadie snort session declares
oh i aint never had it before…
i knew it’d be good..
but you know…
not that good…!
and the film slowly builds up an atmosphere of oppression
jagger argues with a road manager whos had a drug dealer
beaten up n kicked off the tour
jaggers slightly miffed
but his self obsession n narcissism never allow him to ever focus…
aware of the camera
he limply plays some counter culture cliche
“well man…er you can dig my trip..its not the bread man..”
as his voice drawls on n on in that affected lazy way
actually he comes across as a spoilt prisoner
within a sordid hedonistic bubble of froth n ego
the performances are all over the place
he barks his way thru brown sugar
marching up n down the stage like a brat in the school musical
then anothertime
he nails midnight rambler
every inch the quintessential rock deity
with his perfect bouncing hair
his perfect jawline
his perfect huge red lips
his perfect gymnasts body
jaggers sexuality is blurred here
where can i get my cock sucked
where can i get my ass fucked
he wails in the “title track”
and then indeed
in a crowded dressing room
jagger shrugs outta his get up
and we see his ass
and his cock n balls too
gee mick
you musta known the cameras were there
meanwhile keef snores on a plane
the roadies snort more coke
and root more groopies
and the stones stumble down more neverending white corridors
as if on their way to executions
the photographers
the screaming babbling crowds
the fans are driven crazy by the stones n their ginormous success
all the while on tvs the 1972 presidential thingos going on
1972 seems brutal wild chaotic
people seemed like theyd do anything
as they floundered in the void of the sixties collapse
the flower power dream had ended in the nightmare
of vietnam
yes children
the man was still pulling the strings
the “straights” were back on course
jagger n cronies
(we see hardly anything of bill w n charlie)
keiths companion du jour most times is bobby keys
the texan saxophonist
who hit the olde horse big time
theres one scene where
keefs sittin in a hotel room
hes in his dressing gown
and gone is his coleridge langour
and his sleepy bohemian i-dont-give-a-fuck
now he looks alert miserable
some lackey is on the phone
giving instructions n addresses in a serious tone
as if hes organising an invasion
“do you understand its 1205 blah blah st
and when you get there…blah blah”
i guess keefs run out of joy dust
and hes kinda anxious to get some more onboard
this movie aint covering up much…
the 2 stars dont come over too well…
you should see jagger twittering away in a car
smoking a spliff and ramblin on
“blah blah blah me me me”
he squeaks on as bianca yawns n keef nods in the backseat
if you love rocknroll
see this film
it aint pretty
its gotta be 10 million times better than rattlenhum
or any other rock doco i ever seen
its gonna disturb ya
its gonna haunt ya
where are all those people now
the rabid psycho fans
“they took my baby off me cos i took acid”
mumbles a sad ghost in the black n white wilderness
of a mid west stadium carpark
all the kids
that roaring screaming mass
all of em now late fifties or sixties
this is an art movie
make no mistake
the film flashes n pops n drops out
it flares out to brilliant bone white
it condenses into impenetrable black
it seemed to have all happened a million years ago
in some desolate clunky universe
(check out the telephones)
you see glances of truman compote
tina turner
andy war-hole
blah blah
etc etc
where glamour meets the visceral
where fascination n disgust collide
where hero n villain blur
how do you feel now?
ladies n gentlemen
the greatest rocknroll band in the world
plus very naughty bits


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