posted on April 24, 2010 at 1:56 pm

been hard to post lately
what with bad internet
long journeys
general malaise and tiredness
am at the moment in a hotel by a brown dirty river
somewhere in new jersey
i believe i jut saw tony soup-rano
and pauly down there with shovels
its a bit depressing
the sun shines but its still kinda cold
the traffic endlessly roars n pours up n down the bridges
all our shows have been well received no doubt about it
the strange venues affect things
the one in mass not right for us…not on that night
nyc was sold out i
we played well the crowd liked it
last night in long island was great if a little underpopulated
the theatre was perfect for us in many ways
but all the attention is on ya
as opposed to nyc where people are drinking n talking n eating
all these different style gigs inculcate a different kinda show
how could it be otherwise…?
i get affected by venues
i played in some incredible venues
(yeah foxboro was great venue)
and i played in some empty icy mausoleums
and some overpacked sweaty holes-in-the-wall
and some posh brasserie and some dirty garage
seen em all i guess
tonite is a really nice place sellersville in pennsylvania
just the right size for us
i believe ticket sales have been healthy there
the drive is about 3 hours i suppose
will fill you in

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