posted on August 9, 2006 at 4:15 pm

mornin’ fiendsss
how the wack are ya
im sittin in the lobby of some hotel
eatin’ mexican guaco salad
im drinkin’ coca cola fer breakfast!!!!???
last nite we got to bed at 6 am
my phone didnae werk
so i couldnt call nk
i almost smashed the useless thing
the intanet didnae fookin’ werk neither
we are now in falls creek virginny
lassa nites gig wassa ok in norfuck
a lovely venue
you shoulda seen the backstage area
does the word sumptuous mean anything to ya?????
there were a suite of lovely luxurious rooms
a huge hot tub (yes i had a dip)
a sauna…
pool tables n ping pong tables
ive never seen anything like it!!!
it wassa shame to have to play the gig…
i felt so glamourous n cocooned up there..
a few idiot talkers in the crowd
they seeem to be mainly women…..
one woman yellin out
can someone give her the number of a good optometrist…..
another bimbo… i ask
dontcha ever shut up?
only in the bedroom honey she yells back
gee…is this sexual harrassment????
anyway the gig was pretty good
not amazing…but still pretty good
(amazing by any other bands standards)
after all we drove all fuckin day to get there
and our air cond blew up
etc etc
i aint even gonna bother ya with all our small
technical logistical probs
except to say that everyday
we been driving about 7 hours
anyhow now i gotta leave ya here
we gotta do some radio show
and rush off to tonites gig falls church
(no relation)
where weve sold some tickets apparently
see ya soon
you crazy crazy fiendss
im tired
im worn out
but im gonna soldier on
so that ye may rock
and that thee may roll
bye bye birdie

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