posted on February 1, 2014 at 8:04 am
no spruiky onlee poem

no spruiky onlee poem

I know more than I should of her foreign waves

In swirling streams of green colour

Riding her dolphinfish like a little courtesan

Bobbing on the eddies the cream foam of aphrodites birth

When beautiful winds blow in from exotic climes and times

Bringing promises of divine spine of speed the seed of universes

The verses of gods own song are preached in a moment of truce

All those cats from Troy with their pretty boy Paris now plastered in an inn

The greeks move in man and they seek the sweetest revenge

hell bent on leather and plumed to the nines

those lusty Aegean sons riding over Poseidons turquoise ripple

those currents flow from some strange springĀ  my main fellow

hello do you hear?

Inside the plutocrat frameĀ  they already have your image and a name

When his Malevolence arrives your bluster will be just dust in the desert of some African tribe.

When the Norns cut your chord short on a battlefield bought with song

Everything your lyre told you was wrong

Well thronged with vassals in the port of Joppa see me jostled by the lord

Some thug took a swing the drug hooked something slugged me out of the ring

I blame the evil snake

who in golden boughed apple tree did seduce the all- mother

as she reached for that ruby fruit a pain did shoot across the sky

and wolves began to howl in some sudden icy hell

and moons fell in hidden fields of the sea where plankton glimmer lifelessly

and razortooth viper shark awaits the shards of comet

and the souls of sailors who drowned in wines marshes

But that wily feathered pretty serpent with his bangles of amethyst

Talking in an accent half Yorkshire half worm

Guile and subterfuge laid on like honey

The vile old dragon choking on gold

The same old devils cool off in this ocean

And their steam forms little clouds that rain on in the distance

And the droplets float in the air transparently opaque

The drake of hearts flowers in its wake

But in the depths the krakens heart will break




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