posted on July 8, 2008 at 9:16 pm

hey cats did you hear about the soul merge
they just released their second album on omega
the singer was put into orbit for possessing some glass
they were also behind that coup in sigh-am
they chained the lava-lover to the earthcrack
they nailed the skymaker to the starburn
they even connected the short-fuse without the octopamine
i know
youre saying slowdown killsy
what are you talking about…?
ok let me explain…it was like this…
(the screen goes all watery..a foreign city appears)
the deal with the memory board could never have happened…
rudy neuman knew that even as colonel daedalus signed the docu-tab
the prussians had sided with thrace during the leagues second convening
that left antarctica and armenia and algeria together
the triple a
the blockade of moral truth
somewhere hiding the youth serum.
neuman strode from the dr hans chrysler dome like a gazelle
neuman was dressed in gunmetal grey camo-suit
with a fake vinyl attache case and a shirt that changed colours
he buzzed open the portal to his ford aurora now modified z solar
he slid a cd into the slot and his favourite music started up
i am i am i am…..sang a voice….
i love this old stuff neuman thought to himself
as he accelerated down the zeitbahn towards cologne
he leaned forward and turned up the multi-screen
the image of a man surrounded by vegetation faded up
around the man blazed skulls while eyes watched out
the night has a thousand eyes thought neuman
white hippy moses like an aphid in the roses sang the voice
the bass guitar was hitting the speakers like a giants pulse
neuman turned up the volume
and a surge of distorted radiotronics filled the car
jesus h schmidt they didnt write songs like this anymore…
the weather was gloomy for july
fuck the climate… read a billboard..we’re building another earth
another said : unreal estate agents and smallgoods , grimm bros
a bmw dart zipped past like he was standing still
some future… neuman sneered
the song ended and another began
like a filigree diamond filched from a ring sang the voice
as neuman sucked up memorial drive past the vortex plant
he smoke a damiana cheroot and guzzled some arctix
he wondered what kohlhaze had done to klemmer
worse than murder….he laughed bitterly
as he turned into his driveway and down into the garage
neumans apartment was warm and still
luxury at every angle
each cranny filled with nooks
every space was empty and every object near solid
shadows waved gracefully and silently on the walls
the curtains were classic…
gossamer textile woven with fibre optic seemless
gold statuettes of the hindu pantheon with neonized eyes
carpets embedded by botticelli floors
windows trammeled in silverstitched leviathan
thresholds of mahogany rush
he’d been waiting all day for this
the satori lounge!

more of the fucking same!

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