posted on July 11, 2012 at 3:52 pm

mercy granted but never taken

talking to the dead of winter

talking to the spirit of a warm long ago

make us then cast in doubt

clothed in deception

cloaked in stupid tricks

disguised as us ourselves

invisible for all see

wow the whole world is but a stage mama

and we’re all co-stars in some two bit space opera

but fuck i am impressed by your method acting style

one could get sick of it easily i guess… its relentless enough

this kind of melodrama causes one to eventually to become detached tho

there is only so much florid slapstick cliche one can absorb

reckless headlong falls into chasms of mindless pointless darknesses

you could lose your way down there

you might never be able to get back out

who will search for us in the ruins of bitter homes….?

karma binds me to its wheel

i sow i reap my grapes of wrath

and i love/hate its dirty taste that i get drunk on

yeah thats my vintage yeah thats my poison

i come staggering up streets bursting into living rooms

ten men to hold me down

poisonous snake voice in my ear

yes yes the one who tempted eve

and the same one who whispers to every traitor and ponce

the same one who whispers to the loser in the betting shop

the same one who whispers to junk sick fuckwits

who pick up the shooter over n over expecting different ending

yeah oh i know the voice who doth whisper in your ear my dear

and he has many many names i’m sure you heard some on your rounds

is there an ear in which

he does not spin his bewildering intoxicating murmurings ?

what is it that makes us so simultaneously righteous and yet mistaken ?

the voice continues

listen to me

you will do everything i say please

and you inwardly nod yes ok

you are released to create havoc

run amok or disappear

break new unique taboos yes yes mmmmm

by the way have some more of your favourite thing

(insert heroin booze crack gambling eating beating cheating or whatever)

you must be feeling tired with all this persecution

you should relax with a little of the good stuff the naughty naughty stuff

the top shelf over the counter black label poison that is ruinous to mankind

maybe its real hard to find

you’ll find it

maybe it will be easy to find

then strike while the iron is red hot

and then the voice says

fuck them because they fucked you

and you fucked it up so fuck you too

fuck all the onlookers for they shalt get involved

and fuck people chasing after you for they were all fools

if fooled by the likes of you and me so easily fooled and foolishly

yeah sure sure i borrowed from peter to pay fucking paul

i borrowed from samson scissors for delilah

i lent a guy something once though thats for sure

so fuck them in the past they shall be forgotten conveniently

and fuck em in the future coz it aint gonna be pretty without me

and fuck all the ignorant they will become aware of my thrashing

and fuck the aware there nowhere anyway

fuck all those strangers out there what did they do for us?

fuck all the closest because they will end up meek as mice or wild like bulls

fuck all the rules fuck all the regulations

don’t try to rationalise it just fuck em n be done with it!

the voice pauses as if thinking

I will help you build up such fascinating little lies you will be thrilled

careful though not too many at once..oh no ..youve overdone it….again..!

turn down the saturation now a bit

these green skin tones are vivid yes but…

listen to me…

try again

don’t give up

the perfect lie is still out there like a great song waiting to be written

the voice stopped for awhile and then went on in a more confidential whisper

the great lie will be a work in progress for a while

practice on others at first yes

but eventually the great lie you will tell yourself

i cannot tell you that great lie in words

it will unfurl of its own accord a seed within fertile earth

it will grow and devour its own roots leaving its causes untraceable

beautiful beautiful lie for each man and woman unique

each interwoven so carefully the villains and the jerks

the idiots who get used

the idiots who get used up

the idiots who used you

the idiots who used you up uselessly

be subtle beautiful lie not next mans nightmare

be sweet and tender

be soul surrender

oh my lie fuck me fuck me over fuck me up

oh my lie fuck my brains out

oh great lie then fuck me dead

the wonderful clever ambiguous lie

moving under logics iffy radar

passing itself as a real emotion in the market of your heart

standing and commiserating with you at the bar

all those bastards out there are all fucked!

the loveliest lie the very best lie….?

oh but you must live it so well you must be an imitation of anti-christ

where christ was  wise you will be stupid

where he was kind you will be senselessly hurtful

where he was merciful so shall you find yourself vindictive

the lie will fill your mouth with its unspoken words

which will hatch on the breezes like tiny woes

stinging everyone and causing bad reactions

often total  avoiding of all concerned

displeasure sweeps through the bit players who separate you from the poison

anxiety may enter through your entrails at this point

you must cling to your lie if you are to succeed

succeed in what?

i cannot tell you your mission

each man and womans use of their great secret lie is their choice

the more you put in

the less you can ever take out

your mission will be some form of dismay

you will incite anger you will create a vague and incomprehensible chaos

you will break off little bits of the one true lie

and from this you will now be able to model little lies

of originality and breathtaking obviousness

when people hear your smaller lies they will think

why have i never heard that before in my life?

that is simply marvellous! that is simply superb!

you will pull together weird combinations of characters stung by their own lie

you will put characters from wrong time sequences in erroneous places

it won’t be all hard work

there will be some lying around stoned into a black stupor

or writhing around like a louse in an electric lice comb

or screaming silently in a dream you couldn’t get out of

or twitching like a drunk in a pharmacy

the lie is therefore becoming alpha and omega

it tries and sentences and executes its own suspects

it investigates the one million trespasses of enemy

it examines the same evidence over and over until its evaporated away

its the answer before you ask

the suggestion in your ear

your excuse your rationale your alibi your last defiant words to a traitor who’s had enough

now go out there

abdicate from society if you like

why do what they want you to do when you don’t have to?

someone will come along and sort it all out….

yes people will forgive us if we tread on their toes

we can miss stuff out here and there

we can lie to the lie and the lie can lie back

the voice had stopped

i listened but heard nothing

the sea pounding the shore

the light tap of the rain

the wind in the trees which is whispering something as well

i wonder if the wind blows your little lies

on and up to me as i stand here listening….





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