posted on January 18, 2009 at 8:44 pm

been listening to new church album
we gonna try n do some final fixes and stuff
it should all be finished soonish
can reveal names of songs
not necessarily in this order
hope the other churchmen dont mind me spilling the beans
(fuck em if they cant take a joke!)
this will be the opener for sure
weird chord progression
claustrophobic mood
loads of beautiful guitar solos
sample lyric:
motel bar the dirty sulky moon
turn my head up
let it all cocoon
i play a downwards guitar thing
marty plays a complicated up n down bass
tim weighs in at end with george harrison guitar solo
one of my faves anyway
sample lyric :
dealing out love n retribution
dealing out the deadmans hand
probably the closer of the album
i play piano
marty on bass
pete on string guitar
frankie k on whimsical 12 string
this is like a mini song cycle
i think this is a fucking cracker!
you gonna love it or else
sample lyric:
in summer time
picking up an insistent distant beat
beach comber come home now
come in from the heat
beatley melodic mellotrons
if there was a single
this would be it i suppose
sample lyric :
pangaea uh uh alright
pangaea uh ah together

this ones easy to love!
i dunno …pastoral or something
then marty starts singing too
and things become darker
like im in day
and hes in night
lots of weird noises on there
some lovely fuckedup guitar sounds
but still its very melodic
sample lyric:
marty : close your eyes in the dark
theyve opened up a door
you feel the energy arc…
me : when the honeyed days of love return
and the king is drunk upon his throne
a shorter strange little song
female mellotron vox
me doing a santana lead at the end (he hopes!)
sample lyric :
i ripped up my return ticket
n hurled it into the sky
i kneeled down n i kissed the ground
i knew then it was your turn to fly
ok this one rocks
its rocks raggedly n stumbling along
i play guitar
marty plays drums
i dunno
its got piano n organ n stuff too
it really doth rock, childe
sample lyric:
oh my little panda
i dont understand her
with her natural grandeur
and i cant let it go….
a cold and nasty song
about some ambiguous ‘orrible goings on
i play discordant guitar
peter on twin basses
cello too
sample lyric :
down at the docks
i was shocked not to be discovered..
downright weird dark little song
that changes all over the place
until before yer very eyes it turns into
a brief anthemic doo dah
sample lyric:
all that it was was a cannibal buzz
leading you on day on day
i play organ
frankie on bass
marty on disturbed guitar
a sad sad song
sample lyric:
i saw your brother during lunch
i knew at once that he was mad
he had
been standing in the rain
to catch some snow

overall this is a pretty impressive record
a different atmosphere from ultc by a long shot
there will also be an e.p.
so love may find us(the epic)
l.l.c. pk singing
insanity mwp singing

stay tuned

fin it

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