posted on April 21, 2015 at 11:39 pm


i have transferred into the abstract

where fear is tempered by this storm outside

the rattling doors the rolling deepest groans

the rain is incessantly persistent

the gardens underwater like sunken cities

old dark blood throbs in my main vein in my tree

i am the pots and pans of evergreen water

i am the silvered bits of star glimmered in puddled mirrors

i am the fury of age undermined by a terrible rust

the wind shrieks tormenting idiots grovel

their huts and villages vanquished yes i am blown away

my mercy all used up when midnight sank my canoe

the blinded flash of bats in camera off line in slimy bark

the tautened twisted spidered threads as the orb hangs dead

nothing frightens me in my hurricanes or typhoon

lashed by whips of the spur studded drops

my steed carries me into allegro nights

where emptiness transfusions as chasm

oh my nasty procedure

now i am saw

now i am herd

now i am glistened to on ferrari quartz crystal thingies

now i am returned unto my old lucky-pants bed

snugly ugly in the down of morning yet to come

i will awake unintimidated by badly dreamt people

who hound me all through my falling night

until the horizon crackles like a dim spark

and my palms lay hammered flat by rat and love


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