posted on December 31, 2012 at 5:27 pm
new years prayer

new years prayer

as i sit here in bondi

the sound of the chemical brothers soundcheck wafting up the hill

i wanted to wish every one of my readers

a new happy year from me and the thousands of behind the scenes workers

who bring the time being to your screens

we would most sincerely like to thank our subscribers without whom…..

well you could see this year that i dont make too much from record sales…..

it is just an unjust world and nothing is really the way it could be

never mind all that

of course i also thank top ranking officials within my empire


of course SJJM who is a diligent cog in the TTB mechanism

i really wish a new happy year whatever that means

for whatever its worth….i do….

so watch out and carry a big memory stick the time being will be here in 13

my lucky number too

i try to love everyone of you

i know i definitely need you all

thanks for your comments and contributions in 12

theres still a lot of football left in this game so stay tuned!

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