posted on May 23, 2011 at 7:34 pm

the overseers seer

i guess david neil is now in his afterlife

its getting confusing to tell it apart

and the wind blows like murder behind saskatoon

and the jolt of the shot as it reaches the heart

and i dream that hes lying just there in the wreckage

and i dream that they pulling him out all alive

and i see that theyre giving him some kind of treatment

and i see david smiling so sad he says no

no to the future no to the pushers

no to the widows no to the fun

no to the fate that tried to engulf him

no to the scenery that now held him in

and it seemed  as he leaving this vale of tears

in his mind he was in a motel somewhere else

motel on the outskirts on some lonely town

and a fog had come in

and the night just fell down

oh fuck hes feeling such fucking sadness

the walls in this place undulating so thin

oh desperate den of deprave and deformer

oh hard to be good oh easy to sin

now where is the girl with the number for heroin

now where is the cat with the needles and claws

where is the groupie that sleeps with his ghost

and follows it round as it goes  town to town again

and swallows it down where it wont make a sound again

n the tv was flickering n david was shivering

the rain outside him was burning the air

someone from dakota had called the police

but  the police couldnt come cos they dont  have the man

and a planes falling out of the sky somewhere else

david asleep in the purplish afterglow

a thousand new eyes open up in his mind

his delirious mind with the heart of a fool

his foolish young heart with the mind of its own

and you watch as david fades into the reverie

and you listen as david goes down for his fall

his poor old mother arranging the ceremony

his poor old dad who carried the box

the brothers and sisters who wept so profusely

the elegant man who was driving the hearse

the drummer was smoking some stuff when he heard

maybe now davids happy was all that he said

but all these events were still off in some future

some future thats coming but yet to arrive

and in the motel room the players are playing

and the game is so deadly its quickly divine

the rain in the carpark freezing  in puddles

reflecting orion and anatares above

the singular feeling of midnight around us

the moment of truth is forced out with a lie

and all of the planets that once guided david

had forsaken his luck as they veered off thru space

the snake eyes he rolled the beanstalks he climbed

but the giants had caught him and taken him down

and into the evening the passengers went

with their hardly goodbyes and their tears for the sky

up in the cockpit the captain fly anxious

the moon on the wane as it catches his eye

and dave in economy where joe lyons is sitting

nursing a pistol under his coat

cos david was seeing his wife on the side i guess

i guess that he found out n ran out of the house

and all the caresses she laid on his shoulder

and all of the kisses she laid on his lips

and all of her sweetest words he’d ever heard

they couldnt persuade her husband to stay

as david ponders a song hes been working on

a song called the cockpit the last that he’ll write

and the air rushes over the surface of wings

and the night moves along singing its own song

and its song is so sad that i feel i belong

and david could hear it you know its alright

he knew what he did when he got on that flight

that death came three times is hardly surprising

his life lived in triplicate

the end was the same






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