posted on May 17, 2012 at 6:33 pm

how to make this memory stick

2 new songs coming to you subscribers for you and only for you

2 brand new hot off the press recordings

made for a collaboration with dave kenworthy

all done by me everything the lot at home here using logic

two random snapshots indicative of nothing except potential

its trippy stuff

its electronic and organic

its coming down the line to skpers next week

its the weird n wonderful stuff you’d be expecting me to do

art speaks in tongues is an epic changing piece with spoken word

love everything you come across is the sun drenched stoned lazy rocker

this is what you get with me at the helm

hope you gonna dig it

and see the exhibition at the vivid festival in sydney

let me know what you think

i’m gonna start hitting skp with at least one or 2 songs aweek

instead of making an album

i’m gonna give it ya like this

while its so fresh

you will be getting some good stuff coming down the line

real soon






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