posted on May 3, 2011 at 8:39 pm


a new voice has begun to talk in my head

amidst the clamour amidst the ebb of music

amidst the uncertainty of lives

a fantastic visitor lodged here in mind

a wonderful cruel philosophy fatalistic and abstract

this voice mumbles to me as it stumbles through me

sometimes a man sometimes a woman

sometimes a child sometimes a cat

over long outer long inner long lee

i said this night aches with memory

i look at the lights in the city ive seen

i wonder how far you can fall dont ask why

theres always forever you fell from a sky

falling through nights so much thicker than tar

and you fall and you fell and woke up where you are

no you crashed in the morning right out of the blue

looked in the mirror it was no one we knew

yes you looked through a window all covered in you

in valhallas where warriors wait for the wars

and paradise stranger than a lane changer

and heavens number seventeen and in between

and spells cast arithmetically

everything is still possible you see

my new voice suggests the most useful of guests

haunting out my mystery

whispering weird things it sometimes thus sings

all the love the virgin brings

all the moon on moth wings

all of a sudden the dull thudding of the clouds

yes my new voice has ears and it hears and it hears

listen it tells me listen to this and i listen and there is its bliss

fasten me to the mast boys i call out in my dilemma

as we float past the sirens off the island of alabama

yes ive heard the songs yes ive been touched by their words

i screamed at the men set me free  because ive heard

(so then i whose telling this story pleaded with my new voice)

tell me then of these marvellous visions !

on one condition

answers the voice so clear in my ear i wonder no one else can hear

and it says something strange i cannot decipher

an accent unknown pronounced with a quiver

a cypher a sound a glyph from beginning

a sign from the gods the harvest was coming

a wedding a feast a flaming blue summer

but i couldnt tell what ever its asking

i just agreed ; it was my greed to get on with the thing

i just said yes it was my guess that everything would take care

of the rest

but i wonder in a warm safe room in my past

the voice walk beside me wearing a mask

it touches my skin and enters therein

i remember places that i never been

i remember face that i never seen

i watch myself right up on that screen

i watch that screen what does it all mean

that screen in my head that the voice shows to me

that sea in my head when that voice flows to me

that wind in my head when that voice blows to me

that thought in my head when that voice knows to me

the simplest creature divinely inspired

beautifully made lovingly wired

hand fired

wrought from lust in love if so desired

fairy dust encrusted

trusting not all her jewels to mere fools

knowledge  a deep chasm in an ocean of  folly

as you go further down theres more to be known

and the secrets are obvious as soon as revealed

but up until then their sense was concealed

like a pressure or increase in the outer shield

like an undetected presence in the magnetic field

like life within a tomb

like death within the bloom

watch her walk across the room

the voice says just try and understand

how the sea and the land love each other with rivers

the comets overhead are the returning souls of the dead

(at this my neck was aquiver in shivers)

the rain is alive as it falls from on high

and the pain that you feel is in some ways unreal

and the joy that you take is in some ways an ache

sometimes you bend sometimes you break

sometimes you dream that youre really awake

sometimes the grace of the system slows it all down

you might get to re-live it again and again

you may live to regret it over and over

of course i can never translate what i saw

in the gaps of synapses that acted like doors

the voice then is silent

i stand here alone in my head as dry as a bone

i call myself on my inner eye phone

bring bring

hmmm no one home






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