posted on May 31, 2012 at 2:25 am

stay man

gray light

i swim in an almost empty blue pool at eriksdalsbadet

i sit in a sauna sweating thinking alone

small birds on the horizon like black sesame seeds

stockholm doesnt seem so friendly on days like this

a cold nearly summer day

the usual drunks and now occasional beggars

rattling their fucking cups at me

i have an argument inside myself

i mean they wouldnt beg if they didnt really need it

but the way they shake their cups of change is kinda rude

like…pay up pay up…!!

its cold out there

i buy a strong coffee and share it with minna

we have hardbread with avocado and tartex paste for lunchy

marty n t come over n we practice for a while

i wonder if we’ll be glad we decided to do this gig….?

i’m a bit rusty ha ha you might say

havent been playing that much guitar-o this year

my old little fingers not so supple as they were

anyway should be ok i guess

(it always vaguely is)

time is running out here in sweden for me

sunday i go back ‘ome

i do like it here

some people dont but i really do….

see ya guys



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