posted on August 4, 2006 at 3:11 pm

what the fuck?
cheer up?
sleep on the sand?
be happy with yer life?
write this?
write that?
count yer blessings?

you want my diary?
you want what i think?
or you want some sanitised version of yes yes very nice?
you want me to type out some namby pamby baloney for ya?
you want me to write some happy songs too?
you want me to be a nice nice guy?
no complaints?
no feelings?
to pretend everything is peachy n rosy?
after all the stuff i write for ya fer free
that i find a cuppla hours a day to send ya this missive
that i religiously write to ya
day after day
you dare tell me what to fucking write?
you think im down on america?
i seen more of america than justa bout an yone here
i been coming here for 24 fucking years
ive lived in la, new york n delaware
am i qualified to complain yet?
jesus christ
some days its great
some days its awful
dont fucking attack each other on my blog either
it makes me sick
i dont need any sycophants
i dont need any anti sycophants
i aint no high n mighty fucking hero
im a washed up olde rocker
touring the states
writin’; a bitta blogge
for your amusement
i talk to everyone
fans, fiendss, disinterested passers bye
fat thin ugly rich poor beautiful young n old
i am/ have been all of these
i dont care who ya are
ok you dont wanna hear any negative stuff
no complaints
no downers (maan)
keep it all bright
you can have it just like everyone else then..
hi everyone
gee its so great to be me
its so great to be on tour
floridas real nice
the shows were lovely
the other fellas in the band are so nice too
i mean everythings just so…..nice
youve emasculated me
youve turned me into everybody else
and nowv my life is so
nicely done
i nice you
the niceman

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