posted on December 19, 2007 at 7:49 pm

you genius
you fool
you everyman
dream dream dream
your rest-less dream
you shake and move inner bed
natalie dreams on quietly
you try not to waker
oh my olde shoulders ache
my mind
out of control
left to its own de-vices
right out of itself
that stupid mind of mine
which i could gladly badly strangle
a womans voice from the past:
why cant you just be an ordinary person?
and everyone of em
trying to remake me as ordinary
trying to break my spirit
but really meaning to break my mind
knowing full well
what my mind was
what my mind usually liked to do
and what it was capable of (becoming)
my head seems to exert a uneven steven pressure
all over my neck and soldiers
how they rebel against its idiotic ascendancy
deep in my minds ipod
the raspberries were playing over and over and over
eric carmens italian-american perry como piano voice
crossed with the who and the beatles and the small faces
playing over and over in the falcon
now nicknamed tibor
after my old nazi-apologist ancient history teacher
now the dream had put the raspberries into its own version of pro-tools
ED : a music mixing and editing programme
it was playing the same lines incessantly
it was needling them into my brains teeth
it could reproduce it perfectly
scarlet kilbey in the kitchen
ricki and glenni are watching the sk show
first scarlets happy theme song
there she goes by the las
she rocks around jumps into my arms
i move her towards each of the 2 guys in turn
as she moves through the air she fixes her gaze on em
and then bursting into a smile as her nose gets closer and closer
as i move her through the air
she remains rigid in my arms
in a kind of woofle flying posture
like in that picture by botty-jelly
where zephyrus is carrying some hot young breeze
who will blow warm all over venus
he also raped nymphs a fair bit
which apparently is alright if youre the north wind
he had his wicked windy way with one nymph
who, not a nympho
was quite pissed off
and zepho
to make it up to her a little
turned her into prima vera
with flowers bursting out her mouth uncontrollably
thanks zeph, i feel much better now
then scarlet kilbeys poignant song comes on
gabriel by lamb
she turns her head up to the light
which still tried to shine through the clouds
her gaze spoke volumes
her gaze was biblical seductive innocent
it was wildy happy
it was deeply sad
she saw some unsawn entity
some thing unseeable except to scarlet
her eyes widened and the blue became bluer
a subtle film of moisture suggesting a tear that never came
hovering on the edge of rapture and grief and triumph
scarlet was gently moved through the air by her father
enthusiastically pointing out her show-biz eyes to his friends
but scarlet looked like cleopatra and magdalene watching christ
she looked like annie lennox looks when she sings
gazing off across the universes
piercing the seven veils
as lambs lovely track gradually builds in intensity
scarlet reaches some lofty plain
her eyes which have seen the glory of the coming of the lord
her eyes which are saying to a million other eyes
i will never see you again
wise eyes in such a babyface
this paradox does its paradoxical thing
scarlet is one born torch singer should she choose to do so
her instinctive feel for musics joy and melancholy stuns me
she communicates all this with her body
which moves around in a way both graceful and humourous
her husky voice which is always in the right key
and her eyes
which imply endless stories
and implicate you in their distant look
as i toss n tern
her eyes in my mind
lamb join in with the raspberries
flying to addle-laid
city of churches
but not the church
never liked us that much there
tonite thebarton town hall
as ‘orrible as it sounds
last time there over twenny years ago
opening for iva iceblock
in his incarnation as greek god
complete with long flowing curly locks
little waistcoats bare feet and karate kicks
which punctuated beginnings and endings
well why not if im doing yoga lunges
anyway i remember some ugly little scrubber
so enamored with ivy
that she stood at the front all thru our set
mouthing silently
fuck off i hate you
or something
she fixed her glare on me and never let up her mantra-hex
as soon as her little hero appeared
dressed as an aussie apollo
she forgetting her disdain of me
screamed and wept and jumped and screamed
oh frabious day
calloo callay
she chortled in her joy
i could imagine a vague repeat of that in some respects
like the gent in melbo who yelled get off all through our show
as if a plebeian philistine like him
could fuckin’ understand how good we are
like a bozo who always eats big macs
trying to review a gourmet vegan restaurant
hey baybee
i didnt care then
i care even less now
yeah i bet shakespeare bores ya as well
you thickheaded planks
casting pearls before swineheards
addle-laid big deal
this is all in my bad dream
in my whirlpool mind
its going round and round
my white hot anger at the blackmail idiot
and the white moths larvae sliding over the kitchen ceiling
not from the vents as ricki said
its an inside job
and theres another thing evolution cant explain
worms and caterpillars turning into moths n butterflies
pure chance gave us the chrysalis
yeah yeah sure it did
thats it im outta steam
i never even got to the nightmare i was gonna tell ya bout
too bad
i forgot

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