posted on March 19, 2013 at 7:20 pm
adjusting ionosphere

adjusting ionosphere

trepidation rapid intrepid never vapid

i sear the seer here without whom etc

people come n go i mean just dont they

i swim in blue sea i fly thru green air

i dream in black evening heavenly shades of night are fallen

i am not a beastly man or human creature

i mean this is a mistake surely

are we pinned to this earth by time and life slipping

all god is elusive

god speak through me then speak through my fingers

speak through my actions

i am a lost thing thrown away

i keep believing that something

latitudes of eternal leisure await some of us

justice dealt out of hand often trumping truth

moon nude sister sky starred with thousands

the cemetery gate awaits and yawns open

some race some dawdle some take their sweet time

time is sweet as it coats you in melting moments

sunny days gone in a trice like a lollypop holiday in malta

things start to disappear then

arrows race off into forests random killing

stoned angels fall from heaven

chiselled devils tumble from gravestones

the holy pope innocent who cut off childrens noses

the witch burners and twitchy tragedians

the lynch pins and tycoons the slow boys and the top knobs

the monkey bars where you drink for peanuts

kitten cafe with persian coffee and tabby toast

hog headed astro-god pig face flowered

trampled down the garden of the invalides

you walk upon yon eggshell tombs

and the grey sea from the arctic throbs around your stones

and a mist from a mistless day

no one is on the shore as you go down there

what  nightmare i wander has now enveloped me?


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