posted on March 31, 2008 at 8:17 pm

the killer in me
make no mistake
under this thin veneer…..
underlip cut from spitting out words
dmt thumb
i swim like snake
i wriggle like eel
at home on dry land
exploding into ironic paradox
anchorage winter
i single out my adversary
and i destroy with intent
apparently stupid
i am always watching
seemingly awkward
my speed is sudden n omni-directional
no movement now
this head is bursting with bad ideas
in sin you ate
a nile late
i deal the deadmans hand
king jacks queens ace
i’s tale-mate in perpetual cheque
dont bother trying to work it out
im already ahead of you
my telephony enables me to zeitjump
my sympagraph is switched on
oh i dont miss a trick
double disjointed i am the interpreter
ancient meets modern
negative across positive
black in white
on becomes off
death follows life follows death
no future from the past
krypto night prints
sero-tone sweetened
receptor site occupier
i hit the thrillseeker
i emerge from pleasure
i undermine the overfond
i breathe the axis divine
i hope the ever obscured
i form the formless in form
i jumble the forever over
i greet you when all is done
i run offtrack
i bend rivers
i mount exhibitions
i crush sea salt
sprinkled in blue roman afternoons
i have broken through memorys barriers
i am angry with jealousy and ignorance
i persue those things through these pages
i am given words by the angel called tieramiah
i am protected by sheer good luck
i prevail in this vale
april fools
thousand ann ate

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