posted on May 31, 2010 at 2:07 am

left to my own devices
i appear in japan one afternoon
obliviously high
in the crowded markets
pressed into my new suit
armed and dangerously calm
hugging the coastline
in a series of hotel/motels
i undo em
you wanted it so deep
deep in the past
up to the hilt in years
i unwind and unwind
blindly binding my mind to your will
blowing my shot into this abyss
somewhere in space a satellite shifts
lifting the lid on the kids navigation bid
but the boss cant tolerate loss
he sits in his villa stiller and stiller
calls me the killer
calls me direct
tells me collect
so here i am maybe
maybe not
outside the door or
in the vacant lot
no blade
no knife
no gun
no movement
you dont see it
you only feel it
crush your ribbons
break you bonaparte
eat your heart
suck your soul off
now i am nicely inside
with the lightest touch
away again
leaving you standing there

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