posted on April 10, 2008 at 9:59 pm

oh boy
seems i lucked out
n actually wrote something “sage” yesterday
so today
i have the choice
keep going with the sage
profane as usual
now aint that a human thing to do
you know its this…or its that
when really
the sacred doth indeed contain the profane
and surely vice versa
last night after enjoying the ripened fruits of conjugal love
i fell into a deep deep slumber
from which my wife couldnt wake me
eventually she must have fallen asleep
and we were lying back to back
in my dream arcs of emerald green energy bound us
the energy connected us at every nadi
there was intelligence behind the energy
soothing calm
it was everywhere
awake during sleep
i dreamed up deep of this feeling
it was like we were within a cage of pure shooting light
i could feel my wife sleeping so deep and peacefully
just beyond her the baby
love taking on the form of flesh
our passion now personified
blissfully knocked out in some naughty little girl world
in her dreams scarlet wades through nutella marshes
with her dora backpack full of the littlest pets
the night was milky grey
a warmish breeze barely made the blinds move
in my dream julian the magician appeared
there he was quite matter o fact
its all happening , isnt it he said
he was hyper real
he was superimposed on the other thing
like a sports commentator might appear on top of the footy
julian hung around for a while
i could see the weave of his rust coloured jumper
i could see him eating wattle seed yoghurt
n having a cheeky laugh
its all happening, isnt it he said again
i said to him
are you somewhere travelling down the vine
are you floating in some dmt sky?
maybe i am he said
whys it all happening? i ask him
julian likes people to do their own thinking though
he doesnt trot out some old stupid answer
he looks at me
he says
i know you
i know who you are
am i ready? i ask
he laughs a little cruelly at this
no he says
my questions start bubbling out
why not? when will i? how should it?
hes looking at me again
slightly shaking his head
why ask me? he telepaths at me
all the answers are with you
in you
in everyone
julian grins and pisses off
to whatever strange plane he was hanging out in
the energy grid was still connecting me n my wife
its true i said to myself
isnt it?
what? said my stupid “left” brain
the answer?
no said mcsage
the buddha of eastern suburbia
there are no answers
there are no questions
there just is
there is an “is”
and it just “is”
oh said left lobe
and they both went back to sleep
both wife and i
very recharged this morning
mmmm yes
thank you to all concerned!

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