posted on July 18, 2012 at 12:03 am

what have i done….?

within my limited power

not beyond the scope of the source

unconnected or intra-braineously

where does all this stuff keep coming from

this flow of ideas to us

you who whisper these things seem so very far away

but you’re  here  aren’t you ….all around and everything

therefore it is senseless to sin within oneself

and all our trespasses are against only us

i feel your hand as a great sorrow sometimes

i see your eyes in the eyes of beasts abattoir bound

the neglected children abandoned in hells

the great ugliness amid all the beauty

the catch and the barb and the trap and the sting

somehow i’m an actor popped up in this play

i gotta play my part and i stick to the scripture in my head

oh i am someone from so long ago

how many times do we visit this earth

oh i am someone who travels a lot

with anger with mercy moving through time

for the time being me

i don’t know who you are

but i am under a heavy doom doom doom

lets go up to my room

i read a review of my garage sutra

say best ever record from the future

you see once your mind is open to let it come in

verily a council house mystic

my bible is old and fills me full of fear

they should have toned down the brimstone man

concentrate on the angels at the gate of eden

if you want fire i mean

but i do believe that before even noah and arks

the great gilgamesh strives in a fragment of a flood flash

some pre biblical cat some ancient groover

had cooked up this mess a long time ago

in nineveh why i was some big shot cloaked with intrigue

no i was an old slave woman who worked all her life

no i was this priest in a library deciphering omens

no i was a soldier who got an arrow in his neck

no i was a poacher who stole the kings beasts

no i was the drunkard under a tree

many voices clamour within us

starseed  earthbound

stop and listen!

i hear something at work

the pump and throb of blood round the body

beyond that the sea merges with the traffic a distant sibilance

i arrive at a place no words can enter or come out of

nevertheless i came to an unknown a black chasm

i know nothing

in there is everything

where one mans nirvana is another mans nightmare

i did my time in there in dreams when i was a kid

im not surprised the cruel things i did

i dreamt of hell roaring at the top of its lungs

it seemed to scream my name

god help me if this dream is true

hell screamed for me because i had senselessly killed bugs and snails


everything is noticed

i must make amends

this misery we take on for the sake of the creatures

now i know everything i didn’t know then

i wanted to lord it over material nature

i was angry to be a child again after so much work

i was doing quite well until death came along

suddenly interrupted all of my plans

i was some big shot you know well i can’t quite remember

some strange impulse i can’t put into even verse

i am an authentic copy and that is quite something you know

there are one million stories on the tip of my tongue

on the point of my pen i almost remember it all ….almost

what force then guides my roll at the wheel?

at the end of the day then nothing to say really

just goodnight


i will dream you tomorrow





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