posted on September 20, 2006 at 9:03 pm

thank you
whoever you are who organized all this
you know who you are
you know who i think you are
but maybe you are so large and immanent
that you comfortably can wear a million names
or be completely nameless…
my own day yessaday was very nice
cold green pool
chi gong
hot sauna w/ spiritual discussion
soy chai with friends
little bit of thisnthat
pick up doodles
aurora sayin’ in her jimmy stewart voice
well ah dad ya see im too knackered to have a swim
2 n a half hours later
and after a friend has taught me how to surf underwater
and pop out of the wave
miss aurora still playin’ hard on a giant sandhill
i guess that illustrates the curative powers of the salt air
we get in and they both start devouring everything in sight
the swedes say the sea sucks
and it does
it sucks out yer anxiety n replaces it with a real sleepy bonhomie
no matter how freaked out you are
a good long dip in cold seawater gonna help some
if not piss the anxiety off altogether
you see the sea can fuck anxiety over
theres an axiom for ya
and the sea sucks at yer appetite
and you get hungry in a really nice way
except i always think of hot chips n potato scallops
but if when i occaisionally give in to this urge
i always regret it…..
i work on my painting
which is a portrait of 2 people
against a bondi background
but im trying to make everything VIVID
so ive taken a lotta liberties with their hair n clothes n stuff
so everything can be swirly n colourful
(get stoned n paint soon on dvd)
so i pick my most VIVID colours
n i listen to orion transfer
(deep space transmission)
and i jazz them n myself up
(oh you crazy old hippy archetype!)
el dude has paisley amoeba floating on lapels
la dudette has whales in pea green melange
bondi w/grey sky n buildings half colonial half modern
blocks of flats
the pines n the palms
i have a nice life i suppose
except its mine
and i’m in a horrible trap of taking it for granted
and ive known a few people like that
they have great lives
but they cant enjoy em cos theyre theirs
like a meal youve cooked yourself
you know how its all done
and youre a bit underwhelmed n blase by it
while others are saying wow this food is so nice…
dont underestimate all this
i need to have more appreciation for things
be content
contentment yeah
one of the most desirable of all attributes
envying others ruins it
i know that
im sitting here now in my birthday present blue dressing gown
typing away this blog
global warming inc is presenting another “unnaturally” warm spring day
im gonna take yon childs to school
im gonna have aanother swim in pacific ocean
or is it the indian sea
im listening to ultravox systems of romance a lot lately
i saw an idiot in one of the english glossies
(yeah you know the ones that have dylan/beatles on every cover
and a cover version which is sure to have a song by ian mccullough)
anyway this idiot “journalist” gave the album 2 *s
how wrong you are mr writer
this is a four n a half ****s record
in my book anyway
sleek music with EXCELLENT lyrics
so so far ahead of its time
detached feelings executed in chrome in glass music
looking at the white world n the moon
i feel a soft exchange taking place…
john foxx i think youre one of the best lyricists ever on this record
talking of bobby dylan n ian mac
i ve heard dylans new record n i think its very funny
i also read that mccullough is up for assault
(what? no battery?)
on 2 members of audience in glasgow
there is an incredibly complicated news story
about 2 fans who heard that
“there might be a possibility of going backstage”
and when they went back n used mr mcculloughs toilets
he assaulted em
causing blood to appear on the female ones forehead
(not a good career move macca)
i reckon this had something to do with cocaine
(of course i MAY be wrong)
why else would the possibility of going backstage existed?
so you mac could hear how much ya loved killing moon in donnie darko?
i reckon loada drunken argy bargy ensued…
quite pathetic really
thank god it wasnt me involved
thats all i think
i aint beaten up any female fans yet
(im too scared to, they might beat me up back!)
oh dear
i think i just contravened my own no bad news rule
thats the sorta stuff you can do
if ya got yer own blogge
like i do
you can contra-dicked yerself
and confound yer readers
who keep thinking
that you are slightly sane and/or responsible adulty
ha ha
no thats just an act folks
i really am a crazy old hippy
trying to have a quiet life
and enjoy the surf
before the environment
spits the dummy forever
i love ya

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