posted on June 19, 2008 at 9:48 pm

my delete button has stopped working
this means this blog will be full of errors
no this is nio joke
fuck it all…..
is there another way to delete?
can someone help me with my bonsai
its a mport jackson fig
and is losing its leaves …black spots n turning yellow
help i love the plant and will be inconsolable if it dies
i move it around
dont leacve it in hot sunlite
i water it with a fine mist 20 sprays a day
it gets fresh air
i cant believe how much im missing the delete button
you better get used to it baby cos i cant afford a new computer
and im probably too lazy to get it fixed
it means i can never change me mind
im committed to every fucking word n letter that comes out
makes me wanna……aaaaaarghhh11!!!!!!
is there another way to delete
cmon you nerdy fiendss
gotta be two ways to delete
ok things warmed up for me a little yessaday
as in maybe getting myself in hot water
i cant discuss all the details
but it has fallen upon my shoulders
to organize a band to play a very aussie psychedelic masterpiece
at a big do soon in a city in australia
thats not quite as big or nice as sydney
ooops cant take it back
anyway i met another rocjker yessaday
he say wow sk
i was doing this song at this gig
sk say i am already gonna be there
rocker says would you like to do this song
that song? i say…oh yeah
an alltime bonafide wigout meltdown freakout
the very essence of the psychedelic classic
but homegrown…
oh this song blew my mind when i was 16 or so
it defined a whole chunk of australian history
written by a man very unpsychedelic too
neverltheless its a corker
very hard to reproduce live
suddenly i gotta getta band together to play it
behind its singer
peter koppes
i rang him…hes on the isle of capri
yeah…just south of surfers paradise
no no the one in friggin iytaly
tim ….maybe yes maybe no
marty in sweden
i didnt act last nite
i got just over a week to pull it all together
who am i gonna get?
ok ok sk think straight
muse : you cant discuss it infronta alla them…!
yes yes i can….cant i?/
can i trust ya not to blab?
muse “: dont blow the secrecy on this one knucklehead
but the hoi polloi cant get in to this gig….
better watch it on cable you ninnies
look i gotta see what i can do
have i brittled off more than i can chew
so….help me
how do i delete when the deletes not working?
how do i mend my broken bonsai fig?
who should be in my secretive band to play this unknown song
at a gig youll never go to?
but youll never go to it soon
how can my delete button be cured
are there cockroaches small ones living in my ibook (no joke)?
think of me at 915 swimming in the freezing angry seawater
then in the sauna watching the ocean and sweating it out
then i walk home
get on the phone
even what im supposed to offer em is unclear
whater (disrefgard)
whatever it takes they said…but did theuy meean it?
if youre sitting there with a spare laptop
send it toomey ayt
the time being
dune 3, sandhill 4
windswept beach
c/e of beleaguered old twit)
etc etc
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