posted on September 19, 2007 at 2:36 am

good whatever it is wherever you are, ladies n gentlemen
i’d a like to thank the people who subscribe
i’d a like to thank those who made it possible with kind donations
if you cant afford to, dont worry, i thank you too
thanks for the people who sent me stuff
the greek princess
people ive lost track of but im still grateful to…
muse: he ended on a preposition
i’d a like to thank the people who stuck by me
thru the long years
thank you
thank you
thank you
its blue and windy in sydney australia
polinski is mixing painkiller
mk should be working on k/k
the church will be back in dec
probably doing a double bill with another band
from the same era
it made sense to do it i guess
we will be starting a new record in nov/dec
maybe doing our own tour jan/feb
jlk n i are cooking up a new scheme
therell be more about that soon
and i think some of ya will be excited about it
i had a great art sale and sold loads of pieces n prints
thank you holly the eek who made it all happen
i am a little distanced from painting at the moment
after a frenetic burst a while back
im working on a commission
and ive stalled
and now
scarlet the woofle
has scribbled all over it in thick grey pastel
which is pretty much how i feel about it too
my art room is a mess again
suitcases guitars n cases stuff everywhere
bits o paper, books,cds
its a warzone
scarlet has wreaked some fuckin’ havoc in there
evie won a prize for public speaking
and an award for” making thoughtful contributions
to class discussions”
go evie starr
aurora the bunny childe mooches along placidly
minna is jumpy tricky and highly strung
she n elli are doing real well at their new school
boyfriends are afoot
parties abound
let the good times roll, twillies
16 is a really special age
i was dreaming and in love the whole time
i discovered t rex and fell in love with bolan
i met my first girlfriend at the library
it was a warm warm late spring night
she had a sister
and it was hard telling them apart
we walked home thru the shops and then the pines
we sat on the steps of my high school
which was opposite her house
she talked about how often she washed her hair
but it could have been poetry for all i cared
everything was new to me
we didnt touch or kiss
but i was succumbing to a new drug
the canberran evening turned magical
all the songs were playing in my head
the evening invited me deeper and deeper
the girl got up and went home
i sat n watched her house for a while
and then i drifted home
floating on a dreamy cloud
just like they said it would be…
before xmas
her family had a party
there were loadsa people there
loud music and alcohol
i had a girlfriend of my own
and i went to parties on hot nights
and stood outside smoking cigarettes
n arguing about music with her other sisters boyfriends
i hung around in the kitchen talking to her brothers
i went down to her bedroom n stole a kiss
i could get used to this
no one from my school was there
(these people were all catholics)
i was free to reinvent myself
as some groovy hipster
as some suburban romeo
it ended at around 2 in the morning
when the parents came back….
oh to relive that party again n again
oh to be 16 n in love for the 1st time
i hope my kids can enjoy it
its indeed a magical time of yer life
n it comes but once
a few times ive driven down my olde school
when im in canberra
theres the house
theres the school
but that evening has long fled
long ago it disappeared n took all traces of itself away
would any of the other people there still remember it?
i doubt it
yet it shaped my life in so many ways
such is its intangible influence on me
a warm happy lovely place i can go in my mind
or when im swimming in the cold pool
or walking down a lonely hard road
i hope you all have some memories like that
i know the teen years can be so hard
but so bloody enchanted too
all my love

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