posted on April 29, 2006 at 1:42 am

i am ether pirate
i am copping this airspace for nothing
ho ho ho
how long before im cut off…?
this is my 3rd attempt at blogging this morning, fiendiess
twice already today
i have lost the lot
if i go off the air again
im just gonna cry

received glenny benny from the undies
new lp yessaday
starstudded line up, ladies n gentlemen
stephen cummo
grantley maclennon
adalita from magic dirt( nice one!!)
sarah blasko
angie hart
gianna lee from andromeda
phillipa nihill from the unders
but the whole thing holds together
in one continuum
every other singers done a lovely job
on their track
bennies music remains superb
just like the curchh
hes getting better n better
he is himself and no other
he picks up his giutar or synth
and he is gb
and being yourself is no meen feet
thats the hardest thing to do
to turn into yerself
i wasnt myself for ages
like a pot of cold milk oats salt n sugar
i was just sullenly floating about
just a bunch of influences n ideas
i didnae even notice it at first
but one day i guess i turned on my old 4 track
and out stepped sk
an instant geenius
like athene
falling formed from zeus head
there i was
me, at last
all the olde skin shed
i had my own take on it
i had my own spin
i wanted to include
dylan thomas
patti smiff
v. undieground
be bop deluxe
the doctors of madness
twilight zone
sci fict n fant
all of that and more
i threw into the process which created me
an ya know what fiendss
i aint influenced by
nor do i wanna be like any o the following
the byrds( well, very little)
echo and the bmen
country n westin
none of those
if ya read a revue
and it mentions any thing on the a list
ya know they got it right
anything on the b list they getting it wrong
we are nothing to do with the 80s
anymore than you are
we lived thru it just like you all did
thats it
if you wanna bark up the wrong tree go ahead
you ever see a picture of me looking 80s
(you probably seen one where i looked 80, tho)
we are not about movements
youth oer
olde age
we are musicians trying to describe
something sublime
and we disavow being a part of anything
i dont care who ive influenced or not
i dont care what the critics say
be it love or hate
i only care what you fiendss think
and even that
will not sway me from my lifelong need
to plough this furrow
and i’ll plow it
even if i reap success or indifference
and pat yerselves on the back if ya like
what i/we do
in the simple terms of rocknroll
we strive to stretch it to its limit
and yet it still has to be us
thats a dilemma to be hammered straight fiendss
it can take a quarter of a century
its a slippery slope
easy to go off one side or thother
its a marathon
the race doesnt end till yer die
and then ya come back and start all over again
and you gotta learn it all over again
unless ya remember
and then they call you a prodigy
and i know its not easy to keep on track
so i thank ya for ya patience
thats understood
i will continue to explore the othertime
and the empty place
now i been off the gear awhile
and i been hitting the pool n the y. mat
breathing in the prana-chi-love
my mind clearing
ideas come to me
there is no work in this for me
my fingers glide over my bass
like flames licking the wood
they work independently
my voice sings
words arrive in my mind
i do nothing
my blogg is dictated to me
by the saint or the sinner
sometimes, often
they share it
im gonna proclaim my belief in god
i call him vishnu
call him arthur if you want
let him be whatever you like
but talk to him
ask him to reveal himself
it takes so long my lord
my sweet lord
no instant grat fiendss
not here
on monday nite at 9 15
im playing a gig with 2 of austs
finest jazz players
real musicians musicians
i already rehearsed with em
and let me tell ya these cats are magic
jonathan z on double bass
hamish s on drums

david lane
whos playing i love
esp in this context
at the icebergs club
bondi fucking beach fiendss
be there!
maybe i’ll even be worth a revue this time…..


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