posted on October 6, 2009 at 9:02 pm

a lotta people asked me over the years
hey sk
give me some good veg cooking tips
and i say
give em a veggie burger
that’ll keep em happy
and i myself have searched this world
with its seven corners and four seas
searching for that perfect veggie burger
i hate em dry
i hate em crumbly
i hate em full of eggplant n capsicum
i hate em mushy
goddamn it
only boca burgers in america have ever come close
at a vegan fest this year
a lady called loren turned me on to this
its the holy grail of all veggie burgers
i been veg for many many years
i aint ever ever found a burger like this
eat this and smile fiendss
i dont care even if youre a turkey who still eats meat
you will like this
this is the one shot across the board answer to all burgers
bountyburgers, my friends
these babies got more protein
than you can shake an index at
no gmo
no animal products
natural ingredients
but oh
oh the taste and the consistency are…..scrumptious
delicioso my friends
look i could have one for dinner EVERY night
they are crunchy on the outside
they are juicy on the inside
and you can even pop em in the fucking toaster!
i get no kickback from this advertisement whatsoever
i am making the unprecedented move of
endorsing this amazing veggie burger
on my otherwise pure blogge
for the selfish reason
of wanting these burgers to go on being available
because i am one of the worlds foremost veggie burger experts
and i say
the bountyburger has arrived
and lo, my veggie fiendss
it is GOOD!
find em
devour em!


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