posted on May 27, 2008 at 9:13 pm

the being, he kindly spoke
there are many here among us
who think this blogge is justa joke…..

i am i am i am
the suggester
the synapse surfer
the oddfather of ramble
the psychedelic bricklayer
the grey eyed thief of hearts
the brotherman from the othertime
the motherfuguer
the learned fool
the oldest teenager alive
the frecklefaced freak from welwyn garden creek
the trans skanda knave with the identi-gals
the dilf
the hermit of north bondi hollow
the most improved
the immodest one
the phonographic priest S
the telepathetic king of hopeless dope
the rider of stars
the wholesaler of holes
the pathfinder
the delver (in spades)
the rude daddy with yogic velocity
the cold water painter
the grim receiver
the welding singer
the bass preyer
the loco moses
the day n night tripper
the undersigned
the fixer
the backed awe man
the unknown lover
the playing man t’is
the deep mover
the returner
the intoxicated fox
the manly panther
the sideslinger
the saint who is no saint
the beggar and the chooser
the maker of girls
the grander delusion
the fiendss friend
the describer of fogs
the way not to do things
the frail failure
the olde boy
the half human
the taker
the dream tongue man from a golden land
the dissed allusionist
the new dante
the next big slim
the dog poseur
the charlatan bastard
the memorizer
the off white elijah
the swinging faller
the anti-clause
the beatific bozo
the washed up dish
the micro celebrity with the macro ego
the hastener of dreams
the fastener of inklings
the capturer of thin air
the describer of mist
the deadmans hand
the realest thing
the fisher of songs
the catcher in the wry
the ironic whitesmith
the bangin’ gavel
the double shocker
the splitting image
the pleasant plucker
the quick and the delayed
the bad thinker
the consolation of the lonely
the clever bugger
the smart alec
the outsider
the venerable veteran
the vintage whine
the headonist
the so-ing machine
the gatherer not the hunter
the town crier
the open gate
the torn pocket
the stealer of sense
the up and the down
the midnight planet
the g string bender
the hammer of the gosh
the sonic anathema
the gyptian gifthorse
the proddiggle sun
the legal tender trap
the earthwalker
the eater of good things
the voice of the lazy
the virgoan
the hawkfaced hawker
the big fella
the little ninny
the wanderer
the being in time

you see
a loved childe has many names
i am i am i am

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