posted on March 26, 2011 at 6:52 pm


lovebringer  sing me ya elegy

twists n turns have burned me cold

i wake up n i’m old

i sleep  n in my sleep bad dreams come cheap

like everything bad starting up again

in my dreams when i am other men

in my head too small to contain all this self infliction pain

well it certainly is strange but ive gotten out of range

i shoot my words but 2 thirds are meaning less and less

i prosecute myself

the evidence stacks up

then i got the audiences backs up

the witnesses take the stand man there all me

the jail is my self

the sentence to be in this skin

no parole no good behaviour no out or in

solitary confinement

the chains are  my brains

my mind hems me in on all sides

these bars were in my stars

my own future turned round bit my arse

a tragedy or farce

i’m locked up but free

free to choose how i lose

dont wanna roll

dont wanna role in this play

i wrote it but i cant play it

i did it but i cant say it

bored with this metaphor and my fatal flaw

floored with sealing my fate

a fraud a fake

i need a brake

my heart aint listenin’ to

my head  where the signal is unread

red my mind

blue my mind

dont mind me

i will lose all that i will find







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