posted on August 26, 2010 at 12:46 am

night errant

its like its 1957 or something i dont know

its nighttime its all so cozy

its all candle lit n pink

its so bedroomy

its so untouchable here

that soft serenading music

that extra touch that warm white emptiness

that loveliness those flowers gently closing down

the mind all furry all fuzzy all fury abated

slip into this my dear

oh these are the old days come back

we are comfortable comfortable beyond comfort

we have come from the future satiated

we reenter a black n white world

a world of cups of tea n gentle endless rain

its england my england remade in my own english way

the way i wanted england to be but it never was

so i made my england up

its warm n nice here in the past

no bloody sound ‘cept that fire crackling deliciously in our hearth

you n me n that little dog make um three of course

and our little fish swimming round n round

outside the sky is purple

the rain fallls in the streetlamps n in the headlights

the rain falls like rain in a novel

me and my melancholy baby

my tender little babykins

we in cottonwool here

on this autumn smoky purple night

with our marmalade with our hot chocolates

with our jarmies on

with our comfy old slippers

with our music playing from somewhere

as the rain comes down on our roof

as we sit together on the setee

as i do the crossword and you read a magazine

how we talk about the garden out there in the rain

oh you look so natural in the whitish pinkish glow

you look happy reading your magazine

thats our song playing now

thats it listen to those words

i remember yesterday like it was tomorrow

you left me a loan when i wanted to borrow

you said you would love me come what may

but what came just may be considered today

i read the rest of the newspaper

2 boys stole an ice cream at haddock head

a policeman in blackthorn found a ring missing for 2 years

wimble and marsh open their new haberdashery on the high street

local boy wins pigeon contest

bill turner-strutt to marry miss martina giddings of swansea, wales

the night moves from purple to deep mauve

oh i have a hot bath and i watch the rain on the pane

baby you come in and talk to me as i float in the tub

you suck on a throat pastille

the bathroom is peaceful

the water makes a gentle sloshing sound

its nearly thursday

we’ll sleep in

it might even snow tomorrow some one said

its nice here

so sleepy now

so safe and warm n sleepy

cuddle up

thats the way

oh your pyjamas smell nice

yes yes goodnight darling

goodnight sweetheart


i love you too




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