posted on September 12, 2007 at 8:25 am

evening my little pigs
listening to sigur rose
have recorded a track today with jorden b
called the coffee song for the church
i did my vocals that is
the musics quite olde
kinda swampy slippery lazy
“and we can laugh at how easy it all is
and we can laugh cos everybodys in showbiz”
nice stuff
gee jorden is a lovely man
calm n clear
good advice
he gently steers me around
perhaps you could do it again steve he says
and you dont mind that he thinks you could do it better
anyway i write it n sing it in about 2 hours
thats long enough
i guess this track may be on itunes with hounds of love
or something
i will finish today with a poem i am about to write
right now
its starting
can you tell where one thing leaves off
and another thing starts?
can you tell where north ends and south begins?
can you feel the inbreath turning to the outbreath?
can you feel the turning of the tide?
can you feel time as it passes away into past?
infant youth man
a tiny tiny cloud can blot out the sun
what if the sun was god?
what if this was a little dream you were having
in an enchanted wood
by a gurgling brook
blossoms floating thru the eternal spring
and youre 16 forever and forever
in love in love in love
and you walk with the spirits of the trees
and you take these dryads as your lovers
and apollo comes down from olympus
and plays his music which none may resist
and drunk on purple wine
you love your days away
the nights are black studded with silver stars
the grecian night
the wine
the love
the marvellous disarray
a grove of trees hide you from the moon
in the distance is summer
on the horizon a mauve velvet evening
in the air is immortal music
filled with transient harmonics
filled with divine drones and flurries
oh arkadia!
oh centaurs and dancers!
oh our glorious procession!
time stops
the moment freezes
or hardens into a solid unchangeable thing
we will remember this
we may forget much
but we will remember this
this love
this wine
this night
for ever

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