posted on June 25, 2006 at 8:59 pm

good morning you lot
its 7 am on monday morning here
its cold n grey with a little blue showin thru
yessaday i got some stuff in the mail
from some people on here
cst coach wry-un
wow he sends me some magazines he writes for
in which he undertakes gruelling journeys
thru deserts n mountains
and lives to tell the tale and writes about it!
druid, im impressed ok
and thanks for the vid too
im gonna check it out too
you are hereby made duke of all the deserts
(i’ll take the desserts)
in kilbey land
i been walking thru the desert
no it musta been the library..

another thanks to mr wil-o
for sending the far out corporation
which i never heard before
grants record with ian from peefinger
(only listened once but its real good)
arise lord wil-o , all you see before you is now yours
i decree it
and let nunn stand in thy way
mr mem
thanks for this weird book, my brother
hmmmm a book about bachs last days with
freddy the great of russia and its a true story
evening in the palace of reason
now sir mem, lord of the northern wastes
forever a prince among men
and editor of a very weird little mag
(sk occaisional contributor too)
mem, what is that mag called?
how can people on here getta copy?
its gonna be right up yer alleys fiendss
i assure ya
and cheers to yer brother the brainey man
stay off the hard stuff mister!
what more
polinski the iconoclastic one
sent me some rare ambient gear
(our shared passion)
talked me thru how to get mp3s into my eye choons
not once
not twice
but 3 times
without losing temper
or sneering at my complete ineptitude
polinski: now click on the arrow
sk : cant i arrow on the click?
polinski: open that file
sk:what file?
polinski : the one ya just clicked on
sk: my screens gone black, is this normal
polinski: is yer computer turned on..
sk; damn, i was doing it to the karoake machine…
etc etc
much merriment ensues
thanks polinski
now i got bahn bahn bahn of the autobahn
going well with my slightly germanic phase
(oh sk loves germany in summer too
wish i was at picnic with manfred n fandorin n carlo
no snakes, no spiders
just lederhausen)
and finally
a copy of vegan voice
with a note from editor handwritten too!!
now this is quite funny
you see id been doing the interviews in parts
over a long period
and in the beginning of the interview
my answers were short n straight
a little unimaginitive i guess
i wassa in ye olde cafe at that stage…
and i hate typing…
anyway 2/3 rds the way thru
the thing
one day i show up at caf
have smoked a little whippet thin spliff
of p n p s finest
ready to become “olde sk”
when malfunktion on bloggy
no can work
so i roam thru my emails
frustrated….hmmmm? whats this
more questions for vegan voive eh???
so instead of getting curt quick steve kilbey
they now gotta sk on the line
going on about this n that
(how i communicate with animals among other things)
all in blogg speak
the lovely interviewer writes back
love yer answers man
but we gonna have to unversify them
itll take up too much room to print em that way
so there i am a right nutcase blathering on
in free prose about the horrors of meaty things
get the article and spot the point
where i change from one into the other
and fuck
i feel guilty about any cheesey or yoghurty
i had in europa
i wassa fucking hungry….alright!?
you try being a fuckin vegan in espagna
yeah yeah
i know merrick
youd never eat cheesey even if you were droppin’
but the show must go on….doesnt it?
who said it did?
i dunno
but if it took a little thing of yoghurt and some white widow
to get me onstage in bilbao…so be it
otherwise it was a plate of runner beans and broccoli
i need a little more than that
but im back to my veganism now
and should hopefully be able to maintain in u.s.
where you CAN get veg food
specially in cally fornya
we’re hitting some strange places on this tour
florida etc
arizona….in july…who booked this tour???
oh yeah i bet those cool breezes blowin down mainstreet in july
the death valley theatre should be a good gig too
then down to tex arse
better learn texas moon
hope no cowboy gonna blow me away fer mah auntie guns stance
oops sorry no denver folks
seems i forgot to pay for my packet of cashews from the mini bar
and the colourado copps are trackin me down…
no boston…ooops…and just when lord belfrank has moved there…!
i hear gw refused to let us gig in d.c.
i know dick n donald are digging ultc too
cleveland ulp!!
they never liked us there even when we were bigg??!!
but an easy drive for ms eeky i guess
new york city
alrighty wow
will i get to meet k the g
will jay dee be there?
will i go downtown and visit my mates in the lockup??
will i get my hands around the neck
of the little prick who went outta bizness without
paying the chruch their royalties
(he knows who he is…and dude….i WILL!!!)
nk just tells me its 55 degrees in this kitchen
or 13 in celcius
no wonder mah teeth are a chatterin’ and mah feet are a’freezin’
baby bumper is quite snotty and has been snoring all night
we try to pretend winter doesnae exist in sydney
but let me tell ya
ive never been this cold inside in sweden
a pale sun sticks out its bleary head
it couldnt warm up a paper bag
oh oh
must end bloggy now before i freeze over
but im still gonna hit that pool fiendss
and then im gonna hit that sauna
and then im gonna hit mah messy studio
an get some work done
love on ya

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