posted on July 7, 2008 at 10:13 pm

went round jlks lastnite
singing on the 1st new GB3 track
short but very sweet
2 and a half minutes of guitar thrust with soft singing
this kind of ripple shoots down the music
it just pounds away straight ahead
glenn bennie is the guitarist and co writer
from the underground lovers
they made 6 or 7 amazing albums
literate melodic powerful original
i implore you to check them out
then glenn formed GB3 and i sang one track on their second lp
“emptiness is our business” (a line from my song)
the album is a real beauty
look i’m not just saying this
buy anything glenns been involved in and you’ll be happy
up there with caino n kennedy as a dude who can sling a track together
all of them unique…..3 very gifted writers
anyway i’m gonna sing all the songs on this one
except for ms nihill who always sings a few tracks on each gb record
(a lovely sad voice she has too…)
i’m very excited by this record and we’re off to a great start….!
start saving your shekels now…
and whatever you do
dont mention the esoteric music club….!
july is here…our midwinter….but today is sunny n warm-ish
got a bad cold and cough so no swimming
did yoga yesterday morning on my balcony as painkiller pumped
wow! its a rocknrolling record
it aint polite and it aint bashful neither
it throbs and it pounds
it doesnt stop to say excuse me, ma’am
it comes round yer house n it throws its feet up on the chairs
it smokes dope in front of yer granny and it uses rude language
it drives a souped up ford futura with skulls n dice
it drinks hard liquor and pans for gold in mexico
it dates fast women and it has a dagger concealed
it sneers at schmaltzy glitz n the olde trad thing
it throws things at boy bands
it falls asleep at the controls n you end up some place else
it wears olde style levis with hash burn holes
it wears velvet waistcoats and floral cravats
it wears board shorts with a tab of E in the pocket
it hangs around in beach shacks and chrome lined offices
it reads books by mozart and van gogh
it sounds like the roar of the ocean
it looks like the most desired thing
it smells acrid and sweet like opium smoke
it cant still still for olde fogeys or young pricks
it doesnt dig the hyper-bullshit media , no way
it doesnt watch its life away on some soap opera or quiz show
it plays guitar or hangs out near a dead volcano
it dreams about ancient crete and remembers lemuria
its masc closing in on fem
its plus moving into minus
its ying yang ding dong
baby its coz i love you so much
its everything minus nothing or vice versa
painkiller is a rubbery bass guitar in yer rear vision
painkiller is a kick up the ass with a buddha stick
painkiller is ricappoodly and a fandoogly
painkiller is the winner of this years cup
painkiller to defeat the all-blacks
painkiller at wembley n superbowl n mega-dome
painkiller involved in drive-by love-ins
painkiller involved in disappearance of tyrant
painkiller for nobel prize and playboy centrefold
painkiller invents cool
painkiller writes a book with kerro-whack
painkiller marries yoko ono
painkiller jams with alfred the great
painkiller all over versaces winter line
painkiller snorting blow with che down in bo-livia
painkiller faking moon landing
painkiller going to neal genges place after school
painkiller knows your girlfriend better than you think
painkiller reads your mind …so mind!
painkiller stole your sunglasses at the pool
painkiller hotwired your corvette and took it for a spin
painkiller is a transdimensional bleeder
painkiller sleeps under a she-oak
painkiller oh cant you just wait
you need it so bad…you can almost hear it
theres outbound
its starting up
its all systems go
hang on to yer knickers
we are leaving this world today
painkillers in yer system
painkiller keep this pain away
painkiller soothe me soothe me
king painkiller deliver me
painkiller so kind and suave
painkiller you sophisticated primitive
you electronic organic
you guitar drenched monster tottering on a g string
you reverberating sturm und drang
you withering glance of destiny
you perfect panacea
take away this pain

* available soom

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