posted on January 4, 2009 at 8:04 pm

none of it
oh childe
its so much stranger than fiction
which poet could ever dream this up
every level has another level
when i do this or that
i do it on a symbolic level
on a real and surreal and hyper real level
on a physical level
on a level of another million glorious implications
on a sexual level
on a suggestive level
on a mythical level
on a prehistoric level
on an astral level
on a causal level
on sea level
on sensuous level
on an evil level
on a moral level
on a financial level
on a macro level
on a microscopic level
on a humourous level
on a magical level
on a spiritual level
on a poetic level
fill in your favourite level here
you olde devil
you olde white devil….
the levels are truly infinite
you can move in any direction you like
if you have the validity of any moves
i mean a fucking pawn cant just jump in any direction
a pawn is a pawn in the game baby
being pushed straight along by fate or duty
or whatever unseen fingers urging it along
but pawns always contain the incredible ability
to become anything they damn well want
if they can only get there
but there is where all the magic is
you could wander this earth and
never bump into a single magickal thing
or you could live in an age of miracles
and be surrounded in it
and move in the light
and remain in the light
of course
you know i’m gonna say
ha ha baby
this is not that age
and indeed it is not
but still there must be clues
if youre ready to look
if you keep your mind open
and youre ready to fly right out
if youre skull cant contain you
use the old ways
yoga is waiting to help you
the plants are waiting to help you
breath is waiting to help you
your past lives
stacked in every conceivable direction
are waiting to help you
you wouldnt even have to break the law
but jesus they make it hard for you
why do our modern authorities attempt to cage us?
for our own good……..sorry….it cant be that
theyd happily get us killed in much stupider ways
than leaving us alone to explore our nature
our nature as much as theirs
but we have to accept the fact
that “the authorities” are stupid and scared
and have done a right royal job of fucking things up
for all of us
and why would they be likely to stop anytime soon?
they put me thru school
and tried to turn me into
a person with all his filters turned on
so all i saw was reading
that little british voice
came on the school radio
trying to keep us in some victorian nightmare
of tally ho the empire
and cricketing stories for boys
and how we gave gerry what for
and good old captain cook
and mr thompkins gave us six of the best
but i kept on believing
hanging off aslans every word
i wanted to get into narnia, you see
cos some people out here were ruining my trip
marc bolan made it all seem so easy
days of love are always in a dream you know…he sang
it seemed to make sense
but youre battling the sheer brute force of education
my headmaster says study study study
i couldnae study
my mind wouldnt couldnt co operate with that malarkey
i was brainwashed by the fools
they didnt know what they did
just like the useless pricks who banged jesus up
or little steven who burned down the park
everybody rushing into mistakes
all of us programmed to self destruct
how can we deny everything else
to concentrate on this one channel
that they let us watch?
i’m drowning in their second hand ideas
they dont know the whole picture
and they wouldnt let us have it if they did
im talking about the kinda thinking
that keeps kennedys assassination under wraps
until we all dead
kinda thinking starts wars n bumps off marilyn monroe
yeah you know
that current paradigm
should mix in a little indian
should mix in a little lemurian
should mix in a little alien
should mix in a little triple sec
should be able to do whatever you like
as long as….etc etc etc
anyway the best fun is still and will always be free
somethings under our noses everywhere
its so funny this must be earth
isnt that just like home?
poets get paid to explore these things
what can i say?
the universe remains ineffable
even me
and i cut deep
and we all go along way back
and everything you know is wrong is also right
thats not what you wanted to hear
its not what i wanted to write
but then again i’m justa stupid pawn
(but i dont dig no prawn)

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