posted on February 19, 2010 at 4:33 am

well i was tired
and some other things going on
we were more evenhanded than canberra
but canberra had the oomph!
sydney i was just too spaced out to focus
it had been a long day
sometimes everything else gets in the way
the other guys thought it was good
i was just a bit underwhelmed with myself
i expected a secret cache of energy to fill me when i hit stage
but it never arrived
thats it
its over for a while
enmore theatre on 20, 21 march for rockwiz
a tour of perth/wa with ricky in early march
recording for down to cardboard n deadmans hand ep next week
getting teeth started on next week
trying to get everything else done before usa april
today i am one drained tired worn out old rocker
in spades!!

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