posted on January 31, 2007 at 12:18 am

things can surprise ya
yeasterday i turn up to soundy-cheque in ye olde badde moood
i picked the kids up at school that arvo
n i found it was same-olde same-olde
like nothing had ever happened
the nice parents
the bourgeois pricks
and most of the others i dont know
anyway its a bit of a reality jolt
eve n aurora come outta class
eve comes and gives me a hugganakiss
hi daddy in her husky still slightly american voice
aurora comes over
hello darlin’ i say
here you are she says
and gives me a big bit of cardboard
im sposed to carry home
arent you even gonna say hello?
she turns round limply
i guess auroras 1st day back at school wasnt everything she had hoped
but i get treated coolly because of it
just like a woman!
(please no feminist bile…
if i aint doin’ my bit for the female species..i dunno who is…)
then evie starr loses it when i say no swimmy swimmy today
man shes laying a guilt trip on me
i dont care about yer silly olde soundcheck…we havent been swimming for ages
listen eve when i was a kid…why i was lucky if…
but the kids dont wanna listen to this olde schmoe baloney
to eve its her god given right to go swimming at some beach/pool
every day when its vaguely even warm
aurora not quite so gung ho
but not far behind
so i walk all the way home
getting a twin guilt trip
laid on me from the 2 daughters
who always are a few paces behind
no matter how slow i go
gnashing of teeth
tearing out hair
if i provoked eve now
shed probably run up n punch me in the ass
so i just keep going
but but the state theatre….
anyway this whole episode is a big reality adjustment
for yer erstwhile rockstar strutting his ole stuff in fronta the big crowds
the doodles dont give a fig for all that
im just a silly olde daddy who wont do as hes tolde
by time i get to state
i feeling …i dunno…flat..a little angry
i go inside
the rest of band are offhand to me
theres nothing for me to do
while the gettarists n drummer fuck about with instrumentos
i get bored
i walk out in the city to centrepoint tower mall
and i see martin chambers buying a fruit juice
i buy an avo n tomato n beetroot sanger
(you can beat an egg but ya cant beat a root)
i go back to gig
still not ready
when i do get a chance to play
i coppa excrutiating squeal of feedback
it shoots into my damaged drums like heat seeking missile
and explodes in my brain like a million pieces of glass
my tinnitus is upped again another notch
anyway our soundcheck is mediocre
they all wanna play “easy”
and i dont really like it that much….
to cut a long story shorts
we eventually go onstage at 730
the audience still coming in…but thats ok
and guess what
the cherch play a scorcher
a blinder
my oh my i shimmied n i strolled like a chicago moll
we rock n rolled
we faded up n down
we transcended baby….we really transcended
oh i like block
its a great song to end on
a hot night in sydney
a song about a hot night in sydney
it all comes full circle
i finish the gig
i have a cold shower
i jump straight in cab
home to nk
ah romance
baby wakes up
ah romance
baby wakes up
ah romance……
see ya tomorrow
penrith theatre
(dont sound too exciting)

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