posted on November 26, 2005 at 7:58 am

hey believers
here in the above named place
in a video shop down a side street
totally surreal to sit here amongst these people
pretending to be normal
dont reckon im gonna like the gig tonite
didnt like last nite either my fishes
no my precious old gollum dont like nassssty novo castriansss
its like this
if you wrote a book about, say, the effect of the reformation on stained glass art in
you wouldnt do a reading here
well the choich is what that book is, to the music world
they dont like our kinda thing round this way
ok a few do
but not enuff and not enuff to make it werth my wile
like taking coals to newcastle
now youre thinking im just a petulant old rocker
yearning for the salad days (pre vinagrette dressing)
you can lead em to good music
but you cant make em drink
(well theyll be drinkin plenty tonite my friend, thats for sure)
sittin here in a video rental joint in a side street in newcastle
surrounded by flourescent lights and rap music (sks anathema, my green kryptonite)
its weakening me my nibblies
sucking the fucking white light outta my chakras
like nobodies business
suffering for you lot, my readers, my friends, my loves
to bring you this missive to let you know ole sk
is surviving the great rock n roll wars
still fighting on against the maudlin, against the obvious, against the smarmy
against the feeble, against the cynical, against the regulated
against the masculine, against the corporate, against the ordinary
why sir, my trusty bass guitar will blow those straight oafs into chaos
with one A string slur
well im pushing it staying on here
my position has been unsecured, my soldiers of the surrealistic
fuck em
give me rock n roll
or give me something else

i love you
so much

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