posted on December 27, 2008 at 7:59 pm

maybe i am keeping 50 people happy
how many was baudelaire keeping happy?
how many was vincent van go go keeping happy?
at least its 50 more than you ,mr anonymous
there are many ways to measure success and failure
money is one way
hey i made enough money to get here
and never work for the man
and all the ideas i work on are from my own head
i have dreampt up stuff to keep me going
i know you didnt really want an answer
but there you go
i realise your own frustrations cause you to lash out
at people you perceived as being “loved”
sometimes everyone feels like that
your complete lack of talent n your tiny penis have not helped
never mind
you now made the grade
bickering with a washed up rockers die-hard fans
such a hollow triumph
or did you feel good?
meanwhile in bondi
the washed up rocker has celebrated chrimbo too hard
yoga n swimming have been neglected
and lying around groaning is being pursued
i watch my 3 kids take ricky apart on a windy park
at the edge of the great ocean
but i am powerless to help him
as they ride, pummel and buck
eve is really going for it
and the baby runs around squealing in excitement
but im lying on a park bench half asleep
under a grey low sky
i wake up every now n then confused
to see my kids giving ricky a good razz
the kids are all tanned…n evie freckling
scarlet has a golden colour on her face
she truly is the most exquisite kid
she hurts her foot and i carry her
she gives me tiny little kisses
and whispers i love you dad
i say if you keep doing that
i’ll keep on carrying you…..
i am proud of my daughters
they are bloody lovely
and unlike me
they get on well with everyone
any one of em
could be a prime minister
or an incredible actress
or a famous artist
or a really good friend
its like nature has corrected all the design errors in me
and got it right in them
less the hostility and bitterness that plagues me
my kids are loved and they know it
thats what i can do for my family
i dont come home drunk n violent
i dont slap their mother about
i dont gamble and play around
i’m there for em most of the time
i wasnt for elli n minna n thats a terrible thing
thats one benefit of being a washed up rocker
no day job
oh i’d take one if i could
to try and get ahead i would
if there was a job i could do
but there isnt
and i’d ruin it for the others working there
so dont wish me on the work force
one has to do what one has to do
and i will
(whatever it takes at the time)
blah blah blah
how silly of me to explain myself
as if you dont already know
youd never dare to say these things to my face
because then i’d look you in the eye
and answer you
and you wouldnt like my answer
your advice to me
is like me advising bob dylan what to do
its null n void
itd be like me advising you about your investments
itd be like a herring in the northern sea
telling a panther what to do
a mangy one but a panther none the less
remaining in the ruins of ecstasy
grooving out his terminal buzz
and look
i thought maybe you would understand this
the whales are optional
eject the whales
when youre cruising down a shuddering highway
and your top is rolled down
and youre grooving
suddenly them whales start up
(first thing: are they actually whales?)
second thing : would you rather 20 minutes of silence?)
just eject it
you dont HAVE to listen to em
you got painkiller for 3 bucks
n berate me for it?
as if i fucking care how much you paid for it
i’m busy planning new stuff
im gonna have an exhibition
and every painting will have words n music attached
is that moving on?
i’m working on gb3
im working on k/k
we’re finishing the churchs new album
blah blah
you know it all
i fight the good fight
armed with my ideas
i am allowed a little destructive leeway
from my admirers
because i have created so much
but you…..?
cant you see what a fool you are?

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