posted on September 10, 2008 at 9:09 pm

let me put it straight
one of the best gigs i ever did/done
oh yes
this was it
it seems like i been workin’ towards that gig for 4o years
and then….
smooth as pineapple juice and stoli vodka..
the crew of ss painkiller deliver the goods in spades
in fuckin’ diamonds too
this finally then is rocknroll
a hand picked crew of unique individuals
polinski : sound
polinski provided a wraparound sonic cocoon
that contained and maintained the painkiller a gender
polinski is the supernatural anaesthetist
in the studio or live
polinski delivers that satisfying blend of organic/electronic/electric
i could feel it from the stage
this man is substance and the fairy dust at once
von ryper: guitar
von ryper walked in and became the other guitarist
in one fluid motion
nearly twenty years younger than me
he nevertheless provides continuity precision glamour n biffo
on the 12 string guitar and the rest he was nigh on faultless
what an excellent addition!
maymi : maymi is a controversial character and rightly so
a fellow virgo maymi is a hot headed crazy fool but boy can he play guitar
not only that but he embodies all the defiance and casual savoir-faire
of the true fuckin’ rocker
last night he vindicated his reputation
he blazed like a star
and he and von ryper were a constant source of guitar pleasure
maymi understands rocknroll at a cellular level
no wonder everybody gets him on their records
no wonder he is so important to the beejay,em
bowden: radiotronics
he plays what.?.. short wave radios and chaos pads..?
“anything i say could end up in yer blogge” says bowden
yes william
oh sweet william
you channeled in the voices
the pulsations
the ex static
the crackling gurgling screaming mess of whats out there right now
a medium for random beauty
bowden is as unique as the next crazy genius
and still takes time to play the keys
this bloke understands all the bits i dont
hes a fuckin rocknroll boffin
but boy without him
painkiller has no juice
as essential as my left hand
as cool as a cucumber
bowden is truly master o’ time n space
powles : drums n a lot more
this guy makes it happen
what a walloper but with the tech side well sorted
impossibly amenable n patient
a brilliant drummer n producer
impossible for this to happen at all without tim
nearly as important as me himself
powles is as furious or as measured as you like
i am extremely happy with my crew
anxious moment:
walkin’ along smokin’ a joint
up the middle of fuckin’ darlin’hurst
i (of all people)
cautioned young maymi to perhaps exercise caution
because the cops often frequent these here haunts
maymi exploded in derision
letting us know
how he’d handle any johnny wallopers
who tried to bust his skinny no-cal ass
so later
theres our hero outside the back door
entertaining some ladies n smokin’ mother nature
when a loada cops swarm around the club
and some are heading maymis way
(and he has no way of knowing)
next thing no ricki
i cant believe it….
they got him….??!
and by the sound of his argumentative mojo
he woulda gone down screaming n fighting
i’m just glumly imagining painkiller sans ricki
when he arrives unbusted
someone had texted him
ere he woulda been jail fodder when he shoulda been rockin’
but you know as someone said as i was gnawing my nails
hes a slippery character
i myself
i made hardly any mistakes
i sang quite well
i had a nabsolute bawl!
i leave the last testimoni
to a breathless nk
who burst into the dressing room
with these words on her lips
“the best gig ive ever seen in my life!”

ps david duchows visuals were superb
projected on a big screen
the perfect prescription indeed
much thanks dd!!
if you were there
use my comments to GUSH!!!

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