posted on February 23, 2009 at 12:27 am

number 3
last night
triffids final stand for a while
my voice was shot
my god i hope you dont think i was trying to singh like that
the usual 4 songs
except for my voice i was ok
jumping around more than ever
till finally in field of glass
i went more gonzo than i thought poss
was this what triffids fans wanted?
i dunno
i was simply compelled to do it
the music
the lights
the occasion
the pounding of life in my heart
the screaming voices of all my distant lives
dave mccombs songs reach me and turn me about
oh dave i hope you heard last night
20 years on my son
those songs aint even looking like running outta mojo
theres as much pain n glory n agony n ecstasy as ever before
you were perths own dylan cave cohen
you were a bit of a genius
and if you were anything like your brothers
you were a fucking nice bloke too
dave i love singing yer songs
it was a true honour
(much rather sing those songs than my own)
born sandy d is one of the best records ever by anyone
the triffids are amazing
they encompass so many styles and approaches
its hard to step into daves shoes and sing his songs
it was hard n demanding work
i have learnt so much
it was a privilege to work with cats like harvey n casey
alsy n jill are so lovely
graham lee is a beautiful cat n keeper of the flame
rob mccomb is a great musician n genuinely nice bloke
mark dawson n jp n julian n james …too cool
the snarski brothers…what great singers
ditto mel o
youth group…soon mega stars in spain
n ricky who is like a fucking son to me
i love all you guys
and steve miller the whacky m.c.
youre a very funny guy
good on ya!
gimme more engine shudder please
dish up some more please
i’m ready
anytime you say
till next time
a river derchee

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