posted on August 5, 2007 at 1:21 am

bono n jeff beck in a bar
watching the blue peacocks on the lawn
a gouache semi opaque day
a mellotron sound of birds
dante n the starlings
st francis n the starving waifs
artificial sundayness
just squeeze and apply
steve tyler and a roof tiler
hippie mudbricklayer listens to the go bees
grape juice wine green ginger space drunk
music: thats me manipulating the flutes
as his last meal
until the next
oat milk
soy milk
rice milk
omega 3 .5 yellow syrup
updated with good grease
then strawberries
then dates
date dates
blend it up smooth
smoother than a real mr smooth in smoothland
drink it down
oh oh you needed that
imagine your stomach when that alkaline hit hits
not some chemical dead thing full of ugly bits
but fresh nice clean fuel
yes this keeps you singing
work on songs yesterday
its so easy work
work to play
play and play all day
the guitars all bent in framework
the music is dolloped n ladled on top of itself
sing here stop there
these words will sit here on top the foamy bits
these words are to be heard only on sundays
long gone sundays
n sunday yet to come
eternal sunday
brighton beach melbourne
dad gives us ten bucks to buy some ice creams
its such an adventure
cos melbourne has different ice creams to us
and we cross strange streets
and we stand dwarfed within the strange smelling milk bar
2 blackberry splices
3 gluggs and a vanilla oodle bar
a snowy boy
a caramel triple treat
a raspberry woofle splodge
and one ju jube bo bo with sprinkles
the guy says
we only got butterscotch woofle splodges
me and the other kids consider
ok then …we’ll take 2o cents worth of fruit dribbles
back at the beach my dad doesnt even ask for the change
wow says paul
he didnt even ask you for the change
i smile n finger the 75 cents in the inner pocket in my boardshorts
sunday has melted all around us
we have become stuck in it
there will never be another week day ever again
sunday has become lodged in the worlds gullet
sunday afternoon everywhere all over this planet n universe
sunday day of rest
rest of sunday
god resting after a big saturday night finishing off the earth
lovers waking up in sundrenched sheets early sunday afternoon
laughter and late breakfast
walking round the room naked looking for your book
the sun streams in on sunday and explores your lovely bodies
your lovely heads loll on the lovely pillars
you tangle entangled in the diminishing day
newspapers : someone got hurt
someone got married
someone else died
children walking dogs
pleasant sunday valley
north bondi pleasant peasant seeking pleasure
out soon
out now
coming back atcha!
yours truly

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